November 2016

Love it! Rock it! Own it!

When I get dressed I always think: "Where am I going and what fashion mood am I in?"

The answers to these questions determine which choices I make with my clothes, shoes and accessories - ultimately giving me an outfit I can feel confident and stylish in. 

"Fashion shouldn't be taken too seriously. You've got to have fun with it, to make it work"

I want you to think of all the items in your wardrobe and all the endless possibilities of what you can create. 
Let your imagination run riot. Have fun, glam up - Love it! Rock it! Own it!

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**Bellatrix & The ‘Ministry Of Glamour’ makeover**

This month sees the launch of the new Harry Potter movie - Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them - which is the inspiration for this month’s shoot.

So #teamheaven got all creative and came up with this...

spell book

The first part of the shoot was filmed at night in Hilary’s garden where the team transformed me into the evil, scarily shambolic-looking Bellatrix Lestrange complete with mad hair (thanks Hilary, I really did look deranged), a bag of potions and Bellatrix’s famous wand. Bellatrix is alone in the forest, where she drinks one of her potions and falls into a deep sleep - or should we say her worst nightmare! Move over Ministry of Magic, this is a job for the Ministry of Glamour!

Cue the dream sequence - which was our second shoot and this took place at Studio Heaven.
For this shoot I had to think how I would style Bellatrix as part of her makeover (or makeunder even!); and one thing she would have demanded was to be dressed in black! And no one wants to get on the wrong side of her and her wand!

One dress immediately sprung to mind - this gorgeous Harlech dress from Solace London who pride themselves on the attention to garment construction and craftsmanship. The gown has a cutout crepe bodice that’s darted at the bust for the perfect fit, and a full satin skirt with an asymmetric hem that creates graceful, ethereal movements as you walk. The buckle belt flatteringly accentuates the smallest part of the waist. It’s so glamourous, yet still so very Bellatrix.

Simple black Louboutin heels completed the outfit as we wanted a less is more look. The only accessory needed was Bellatrix’s wand.

NailsNails: I sent a message to Rebecca from Irresistible Beauty saying that for Bellatrix we wanted the nails to look ‘vampy’ - maybe a little venom red or purple? When I arrived at the salon, Rebecca was ready and armed with Shellac’s new colour varnish in Oxblood which she painted on all my nails, and topped off with a dusting of Garnet glitter on the base of each nail. So dark and dangerous and oh so vampy. Totally pure-blood; not a half-blood in sight!

Thanks Rebecca, you perfectly nailed the brief and cast a magical spell on my talons.

Book yourself into the award-winning Irresistible Beauty, Treboeth, Swansea on 01792 773887 to let them work their mani/pedi magic on your nails too.

Hair: Created and styled by Kris Brown from Pimped Up Pins hair salon. Kris stood in for Hilary this month as she was away sunning herself in Portugal. At first I think he was a little uneasy at stepping into Hilary’s shoes (after all, they are rather high!), however, he soon got into the spirit of things, even taking part in a duel with our respective wands.

We quite literally captured Kris in some of the shots as I held a wand to his throat. WARNING: This is what can happen if your hairdresser doesn’t pull off the look you were hoping for!!! Briefly setting aside any promises or threats of mayhem and mischief, I’ll hand you over to Kris for him explain how he achieved this month’s magical look.

**Kris Brown**

Kris BrownI had so much fun doing this photo shoot as the look I was going for is one of my favourite styles to create, sleek and classy waves.

I started by using Cloud 9 heated rollers in the fringe area. These give automatic lift and bounce.

While those were setting I continued with the back, working from the neck up I used my Cloud 9 large wand, taking medium-sized sections, wrapping the hair from root to tip, using a heat protective glove to hold the curl.

After I released the hair, I allowed the curls to cool and set before letting them drop. This method was repeated all the way through the hair.

Once Emma’s hair was waved all over, I applied IQ powder which gives a lot of root lift and better grip to backcomb into the root.

I smoothed back the side section of the hair securing it with a grip, spraying with Bed Head Headrush shine spray to give it that sleek look.

Finally I used my backcombing brush to brush through the waves, making sure there was plenty of movement and the waves were sleek. Once I was happy with the waves I took out the rollers in the fringe.

With plenty of root lift, I brushed the fringe out and lifted the root to a height that I was happy with, before blending the quiff into the hair and finishing off the look.

Never be frightened to keep brushing and placing the waves and always finish off with hairspray and Hilary’s favourite product - Bed Head Headrush shine spray.

Thank you Emma for a fun evening and for letting me know that I need to treat Hilary to a hair cosmetic carrying case!


Thank you Kris for creating a magical masterpiece; and thank you for being such a good sport and joining in with all the fun. It was great having you on board and we loved having you on #teamheaven.

Kris is available to cut, style and/or colour your hair at Pimped Up Pins, Treboeth, Swansea. 01792 799775.

Makeup: Created and applied by Jenna Kelly. I’ll hand you over to Jenna to tell you how she interpreted this month’s ‘Bellatrix & The Ministry Of Glamour’ makeover.

**Jenna Kelly**

JennaJK column 1This month I was set the mammoth task of giving devious little Bellatrix Lestrange a glam makeover! Needless to say this was a difficult job! Getting her to stop pointing her wand in my face and drinking potions was the first task!

Ah how much fun we had with Emma Heaven in full Bellatrix character!

So...Beautiful Bellatrix is know for her effortless, messy, sexy, undone, crazy, witchy look! For her glam makeover I wanted to continue to channel this sassy side but with a polished edge...

Hello Hollywood Bellatrix!

An enticing cat eye and sensual red lip were the key parts to this gorgeous look. I created a dark but slightly smokey winged liner look that really extended out Emma’s eyes giving them a strong but feminine feel. The red lip was pillar box and statement making, firstly well lined with a darker more burgundy tone for extra definition and then filled in with a super creamy colour pop!

JK column 2This red carpet-inspired glam just needed a simple skin, evened out using cream foundation and pressed into the skin for a more natural finish. I did, however, stay true to Bellatrix’s amazing bone structure and swept an ashy toned darker foundation colour underneath Emma’s cheekbones to create a sharp contour.

JK’s Product of the month: Matte Black Eyeshadow! Yup, you heard right! I know it sounds scary, but on a pencil tip eyeshadow brush, sweep this and buff gently over your winged eyeliner for a softer and more smokey finish. A great twist to a classic eye.

Jenna signature

Thank you Jenna for creating another stunning look. You can find out all about Jenna and her work at


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