November 2016

The Ministry of Glamour

The MOG was created to give the readers of the chance to win a glamorous makeover and photo shoot with #teamheaven.

After all - who doesn't want to dress up and have fun?
Let us make your dream become a reality...


Picture 1I’d like to introduce to you the winner of our competition and the next member of our Ministry Of Glamour. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Yvonne Jones!

The competition was an opportunity to join our Ministry of Glamour, by winning a makeover, photo shoot and a dinner for two at Coast restaurant, High Street, Swansea.

Yvonne was nominated by her fiancée Sarah Williams. As soon as I read her story I knew she was our winner. Just to be doubly sure I had picked the right winner I invited Team Heaven’s Makeup Artist, Jenna Kelly, over for coffee - any excuse to spend time with that gal! - to show her all the entries. After reading them, Jenna immediately picked out Yvonne - great minds think alike!

Picture 2I’d like to share with you some extracts from the entry Sarah sent in. I think you’ll agree that we made the right choice:

“Yvonne is a 47 year old woman. She has three kids and all her life she has had no self-belief or confidence.
I brought a smile back to her face when we got together.
To me she is the most beautiful, gorgeous woman and we are getting married next year.
By having this opportunity to shine, I know it will bring back the Yvonne that’s been hiding away for so many years.
I want to see the twinkle back in her eyes and become the woman she has always wanted to be and look at.”

So how did Yvonne take the news when I called to say she was our Ministry of Glamour winner?

At first I don’t think she believed it was real, and thought it was some kind of prank! When she did eventually realise that this was for real I think she wanted to kill Sarah! In the nicest possible way!!

Picture 3This is so far out of her comfort zone that she was quite anxious at the prospect. To reassure her, I arranged to meet up with her and her fiancée Sarah at Coast on High Street Swansea for a coffee and a chat about what exactly would happen next.

When we met up, I was quite concerned, as Yvonne seemed so shy and hesitant about taking part. She barely said two words. Although now we know each other much better, and her confidence has grown, it’s now me who can barely say two words as I can’t get a word in edgeways!!!) Over coffee I talked Yvonne through what would happen at the shoot on the day, followed by booking her and Sarah in for their evening out at Coast.

The following week an apprehensive Yvonne arrived at the studio with Sarah. We sat her in the chair with a glass of fizz. Whenever it was in any danger of running low we soon topped it back up!

Picture 4Yvonne visibly relaxed as soon as Jenna started working her magic on her with the makeup, becoming increasingly chatty, and telling us some quite outrageous stories about her life. Don’t worry ladies - your secrets are safe with us! What happens in Vegas - and the Ministry Of Glamour - stays in Vegas!

By the time Hilary got to work, Yvonne was really enjoying herself and all too soon it was time to reveal the finished look in the mirror.

It was one of those WOW moments! She really couldn’t believe the reflection in the mirror was her. When she saw how fabulous she looked her confidence soared and went through the roof. Yvonne was a natural in front of the camera. She was having fun, and was just so effervescent (with or without the fizz!) and confident. The energy in the studio was electrifying.

I had a lump in my throat when I saw the way that Sarah was looking at her. There was so much love (and lust) coming from Sarah’s eyes! It was a special moment.

Picture 5I think for Yvonne it was over far too soon! She hadn’t anticipated enjoying it *that* much before she arrived. The prospect of a photoshoot was just frightening and unreal.

For me, Jenna, Hilary and Adrian, it was so wonderful to see how happy they both were and for what it had done for Yvonne’s confidence - she was a new woman.

She left on a high and still hasn’t come back down!

A few nights later I met Yvonne and Sarah at Coast where they were about to have a delicious meal, lots of wine and watch a show. I made sure they were settled in for their evening, leaving them in the capable hands of Coast, who made sure these ladies had a night to remember.

Picture 6A week later I met both Sarah and Yvonne to ask how they had enjoyed the experience of Yvonne becoming the next member of the Ministry Of Glamour.

Sarah: “It was amazing to see the transformation in Yvonne and to see her confidence grow as the day went on. She looked absolutely stunning - my favourite shot was the one where she’s looking over her shoulder. Thank you so much for a truly wonderful experience that we will never forget.”

Yvonne: “At first I didn’t want to do it - I really wanted to kill Sarah for putting me in that position - but as soon as I met you, you started to put me at ease. I wouldn’t say I was looking forward to it - but I wasn’t as terrified as I first was.

I started to relax when Jenna and Hilary began the hair and makeup and then you put me in front of the mirror and I didn’t believe that I could look that good! I kept thinking - is that really me?! - look at me now!

Picture 7It gave me a kick up the arse that I needed for me to start dressing up more and taking more care with my appearance. My confidence decided to finally turn up again.

The whole experience was amazing from beginning to end - the shoot was an eye opener and I realised that I really could look fabulous. It’s something I will never forget. You made me feel on top of the world! And the evening at Coast was out of this world. We really enjoyed ourselves - the food was delicious - the band were fantastic - and the wine went down a treat!
It’s a pity we can’t take all of you to Florida for our wedding.”

I tell Yvonne that’s not a problem. Have passport - will travel!!!

Ministry of glamourNow please step through the door of the Ministry Of Glamour to see Yvonne in all her glamorous glory...

And so the search begins once more for our next member of the Ministry Of Glamour.

Could it be you?

All you need to do is tell me in no more than 150 why you deserve to be the next member of MOG.

You need to send your entry along with a contact phone number to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 14th December 2016. And the winner will be contacted the following week.

You will be booked in for your makeover and photoshoot: followed by a meal for two, with a bottle of wine, at Coast, High Street, Swansea.

We will then interview you to see how you enjoyed the experience which will be featured in the February Issue of

Let us make your dreams become reality!

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