March 2016

Destination #FH Avenue

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This is the place for businesses to be, and to be seen. This month I am shining the spotlight on these fabulous businesses…

5 A Day

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I first met Beverley Petts over 10 years ago when we both worked for Virgin Cosmetics. Bev is one of those rare people who will do anything for anyone. Although we didn’t know each other well, when I was taken ill on a flight home from Thailand, she sat with me and looked after me for the entire flight. I have never forgotten her kindness and compassion; so it gives me enormous pleasure to see her new business 5 A Day doing so incredibly well.

When Bev lost her wonderful mother last year to cancer, as she says in her own words, she completely “lost the plot”, so took time off work to come to terms with her loss.

One day, as she was sat looking out of the window, watching all the people struggling to get off the bus, with their big heavy shopping bags, her mind started to wander, thinking that what the local area needed was a shop. Her father was also struggling following the loss of his wife. All of which prompted Bev to quit her job at a merchant bank and she set about researching the idea of opening a shop.

It soon became a family project with everyone throwing ideas into the pot. Bev was also inspired by a previous client, who had successfully opened a fruit and vegetable shop in Ogmore Vale. This spurred her on to open her own fruit and vegetable shop in Treboeth, where she found the perfect premises near to where she lived.

Her father helped her to renovate the shop, with the rest of the family helping with the fixtures, fittings and decorating. All the produce was sourced, and 5 A Day was born. Even the name had full family approval!

So what makes 5 A Day special?

This is not your average fruit and veg shop! Bev hunts down the most colourful and different produce imaginable, including candy beetroot and rainbow carrots! And if there is something you want that’s not in the shop, she will track it down and source it for you!

There is a huge variety on offer. Without exception it is top quality, delicious and oh so fresh!

You can have a hamper made up especially for you - or you send one as a gift - and delivered to the front door! This is a huge part of Bev’s business and something she has become well known for. Her business literally ‘exploded’ - or should that be ‘mushroomed’?! - overnight, once she had publicised it on her new Facebook page.

The mouth-watering hampers are very much in demand. They overflow with healthy nutritious goodies, ready for you to turn into delicious meals. You can order a fruit hamper, a salad hamper, a vegetable hamper - or you can customise your own.

The shelves are laden with onions, gherkins and beetroot which have been pickled by Bev’s partner Paul, and she stocks the most wonderful range of fresh herbs and chillies.

Freshly prepared smoothies are a new addition to the shop, and they are made on the premises daily. These have proved a huge hit with customers, especially with schoolchildren walking past on their way to and from school.

In a world where fitness and health is high on people’s agenda, with many now ‘spiralizing’ their fruit and veg, places like 5 A Day have become invaluable.

They provide a huge variety of quality fresh produce, and a high level of personalised customer service which you don’t get at the supermarket.

You can order as little or as much as you need; and can customise your own weekly hamper, and have it delivered!

As the business goes from strength to strength, Bev plans to open another shop in the next year and to extend the current premises ; maybe even adding on a delicatessen. Even though it is hard work with early mornings and long hours, Bev has found something she loves and which involves the whole family.

This local greengrocer has it all! If you don’t believe me read all the fabulous customer reviews on her Facebook page. Or go several steps better than that, call in and see Bev to stock up on your five a day and check out their delectable hampers at 5 A Day, 765 Llangyfelach Road, Treboeth, Swansea. Your tastebuds, wallet and waistline will be eternally grateful!

I wish you all the luck in the world Bev - you certainly deserve it.

And Bev - your mother would be so proud.

5 A Day

5 A Day

Destination #FH Avenue
5 A Day

5 A Day

Destination #FH Avenue
5 A Day

5 A Day

Destination #FH Avenue

Dear Readers

This month you can receive a 10% discount on all fruit and veg hampers at 5 A Day.

Either call into the shop at 765 Llangyfelach Road Treboeth, Swansea SA5 9EH, or call Bev on 07977 19242 quoting to order your delicious hamper.

This offer runs from 15 March 2016 - 14 April 2016.

Make sure you don’t miss out on this fabulous, healthy and nutritious offer.



Cappuccino Girls main photo

In last month’s issue of I told you about my invitation to see Cappuccino Girls performed at Coast Italia, Swansea.

I went, I saw, and I absolutely loved every single second of the entire evening!

The idea for Cappuccino Girls was born as its creator Mal Pope (Broadcaster and singer/songwriter) was sat in a coffee shop, wondering what he could write next.

Mal says “I looked around and saw groups of mostly women, all sat around tables, chatting furiously and laughing out loud. I was reminded of my wife and her friends, the ‘Cappuccino Girls’ as they had become known. It struck me that all around the world, ladies would meet for coffee to do the very same thing. The show started with a three minute song called ‘Cappuccini Girls’ and six months later it became a full musical.”

The first show was performed in February 2009 at the Altrincham Garrick Theatre to much acclaim and five star reviews; soon after, the musical toured South Wales, including the Grand Theatre in Swansea.

In late 2011 the show returned to Swansea to a customised theatre space and cafe in Urban Village, High Street, Swansea, where it ran until June 2012, making it the longest running musical theatre production outside of the London West End.

So what is the show about?

Three friends meet every day at their favourite cafe, but when Eddie the new Brazilian barista walks into their lives, things will never be the same again. Slowly but surely their perfect lives start to unravel. Will their friendship be strong enough to make sure the Cappuccino Girls survive?

How did the idea to perform it in Coast Italia come about?

The show’s creator Mal says “I remember walking out after having a coffee there one morning and wondering if I might have found just the place to try something different.

The venue itself was built like a theatre set with a balcony and lots of interesting fixtures and fittings.

When I met with Michele, Danny and Richard at Coast Italia to share my vision for Cappuccino Girls at their restaurant I was expecting some worried faces. ‘What, you want to do the show right here?’. ‘Well, yes”, I said, ‘right here, over there, up there and all around the tables where the people will be eating their lovely Italian meal.’

Six weeks later we opened to sell out audiences who ate, drank and laughed, and not always in that order. Michele served food at the start and tissues at half time.”

Is Cappuccino Girls at Coast Italia a unique dining experience?

We arrived for 6.30pm and were shown to our seats which just happened to be the best in the house (thanks Danny). We chose a lovely bottle of red wine and my husband Adrian mulled over the dessert menu before finally settling on the chocolate souffle.

The red wine and tasty Tapas were the perfect start to our evening. Once our plates and table were cleared, cue to sit back with red wine, and let showtime commence.

The show is incredible, with the actors so believable as their characters. The story is very moving, taking you through a whole journey of emotions; one minute I was laughing out loud, the next, I was discreetly dabbing my eyes. The music and songs are so uplifting. I found myself clapping along and really getting caught up in the atmosphere.

I was grateful for the interval, so I could compose myself, and trying not to have too much ‘dessert envy’, whilst watching my husband devour his chocolate souffle. And so to the second half.

The show is like being on an emotional rollercoaster - but not one that you want to get off! I felt quite bereft when it finished. It really does leave you wanting more.

After the show I met the very talented group of actors who had performed. Claire Hammacott, Claire Hanney, Sarah Arthur, Greg Arthur, and of course, the wonderful Mal Pope.

The whole evening was something special. The venue, the atmosphere, the food, the show, the people, the music (wow they can all sing!)

I could go on and on about what a fabulous night out this is - but don’t just take my word for it - gather together your very own group of cappuccino girls and boys, make a night of it - - call Coast Italia on 01792 654366 and be part of this unique dining experience yourself.

I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. And if like me it leaves you wanting more - and it will! - then get ready for Cappuccino Girls 2, which will be launching in the summer!

Cappuccino Girls

Cappuccino Girls

Destination #FH Avenue
Cappuccino Girls

Cappuccino Girls

Destination #FH Avenue
Cappuccino Girls

Cappuccino Girls

Destination #FH Avenue

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