March 2016

Love it! Rock it! Own it!

When I get dressed I always think: "Where am I going and what fashion mood am I in?"

The answers to these questions determine which choices I make with my clothes, shoes and accessories - ultimately giving me an outfit I can feel confident and stylish in. 

"Fashion shouldn't be taken too seriously. You've got to have fun with it, to make it work" 
Every edition I am going to share with you:

**What's in my Wardrobe**
**Hil-hair-ious styling**
**Jenna-rate’ the look**
**Your “Fashion Heaven” Moments**

I want you to think of all the items in your wardrobe and all the endless possibilities of what you can create. 
Let your imagination run riot. Have fun, glam up - Love it! Rock it! Own it!



Love it! Rock it! Own it!


Love it! Rock it! Own it!


Love it! Rock it! Own it!


Love it! Rock it! Own it!


Love it! Rock it! Own it!


Love it! Rock it! Own it!

**What’s in my Wardrobe**

Spring has finally sprung - time to start enjoying the warmer weather, lighter nights AND detox the wardrobe - let’s ditch those heavy winter coats and embrace the jackets!

The outfit I chose for the photoshoot totally reflects my ‘Spring Mood’.

As you know I absolutely LOVE a Statement Jacket. This gorgeous cream creation feels light, bright and very feminine.

It has intricate pearl and chain detail, which weaves in and out of the jacket creating flowing movement and interest. The beautiful ornate buttons add a luxurious touch to this sumptuous jacket.

The jacket was teamed with slightly distressed jeans and a pair of nude heels.

To complete the springtime look I added a handbag from the super talented designer Timmy Woods of Beverly Hills, L.A.

The bag is hand carved from acacia wood and is called ‘Chrysanthemum’. It is a beautiful shade of pink - crimson and cerise - with Swarovski crystals studded all over it. It is literally ‘to die for’ and very quickly became the star of the show!

You can read all about the fabulous Timmy Woods in this month’s Destination #FH Avenue.




Nails: Rebecca from Irresistible Beauty painted my nails with a subtle Shellac base shade in Rosebud, covering the entire nail with Magpie Glitter’s shade Lottie. This felt very ‘Springtime’ and looked beautiful and fresh alongside the equally flowery and sparkling handbag. Book into Irresistible Beauty on 01792 773887 and let them work their manicure magic on you too.


Hair: Created and styled by Hilary Jones. I’ll hand you over to Hilary to explain how she achieved this month’s gorgeous creation.


**Hil-hair-ious styling**

“Ola”Hil hair ious style

There are so many ways to curl and prepare the hair.

The foundation work to any style makes the final result sooo much easier to achieve and supports the longevity of the style, whether it’s for a night out or a long wedding day.

For this look we have used heated rollers for the foundation work, as I was looking for thicker, wider curls and not particularly looking for height.

Emma’s hair was set using only the larger rollers. Once cooled the hair was brushed out and placed in a ponytail high but at the back of the crown.

I took large sections from the ponytail - brushed the hair through and sprayed with hairspray - and then pinned the curls forward and towards the sides in a crescent moon shape - keeping one section to cover the hair band at the back.

As always I used Tigi Bed Head Headrush shine spray to finish off the look.

Hilary xx

Thank you Hilary for creating yet another masterpiece.

Hilary is available to cut, style and/or colour your hair at Pimped Up Pins, Treboeth, Swansea. 01792 799775.

Makeup: Created and applied by Jenna Kelly. I’ll hand you over to Jenna to tell you how she achieved the look.

**’Jenna-rate’ the look**

Jenna KellySpring? Is that you?

I LOVE spring makeup! Fresh, dewy, pretty, blushing, girly heaven... And that’s the only brief I had this month: SPRING!

EyesEYES: We kept it simple but effective with all of the makeup for this month. After priming the eye area, I used matte mauve toned shadows to blend into the crease and underneath the eye just to give slightly smoked out edges to the area; using a similar toned, but this time slightly shimmery shadow, I filled in the lid space.

It really is as simple as that. Blend, blend, and blend those edges just to give an almost fluffy and floral feel to the makeup; it’s the colour which gives this look its springtime feel as the pink/mauve shadows are great for this season.

Next I filled in the brows with a little powder, just to add definition to the hair without overdoing the shape so much that it altered Emma’s face shape. Lashings of mascara, our favourite fluffy lashes (Demi Wispies) and we’re done!

I said it was simple! It’s all in the blending!

ComplexionFACE: Again, with the face, simplicity is best.

I used a hydrating and medium coverage foundation all over the face, and my favourite (and again hydrating and medium coverage) concealer ‘ Dior Nude’ under the eye area. Medium coverage is great for this time of year, we’re not quite brave enough for the sheerness of summer with bronzed skin yet - but we also want to feel a little more fresh than our full coverage winter makeup.

I used a cream foundation to slightly contour the cheekbones and temples to add just a little structure, setting the look with translucent powder. Adding to the contour I used a little matte ashy-toned bronzer and blushed the cheeks with one of my staple products, Dior Rosy Glow Blush.

A little highlighting powder was added to the high points of the face to enhance the fresh look and the face is complete.

LIPS: For the lips I first lined the area with a dusky pink coloured liner for definition before filling in the lip with a mauve toned pink matte liquid lipstick.

For Spring, keep it simple. Highlight, blush and gloss your makeup for a gorgeous high fashion look to match your blushing, floral wardrobe.

Less is more but definition is key!

JK xx

Thank you Jenna for creating another stunning ‘look’. You can find out all about Jenna and her work at

I would love to see how you style your Springtime outfits.

Please send your photos to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or tweet me @EmmaHeaven15 #yourfashionheavenmoment

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