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NamasDay Holistic Therapies & Massage

Main NamasDayWhat do you do when an old school friend invites you to like their new business on Facebook? The polite thing would be to like the page and wish them well.

So when Nicola Perring-Day invited me to like NamasDay Holistic Therapies & Massage that is what I would have ordinarily done. However one word stopped me in my tracks - massage! Oh how I love a massage. So with this in mind, I promptly booked in with Nicola and had, quite possibly one of *the* best massages ever ...

Nicola Perring-Day was a corporate worker who fell ill with a back condition needing surgery.

Whilst recovering Nicola found out she was going to be made redundant - this was the impetus to turn her (ailing) back on the corporate world and branch out in a different direction. .
With her back condition, Nicola had tried different therapies, so with that in mind she started her journey, studying and gaining the relevant qualifications in Holistic Therapies at Afan College, Port Talbot, where she continues to improve her knowledge and training in the latest techniques.

Nicola had been a mobile therapist for six months when she hosted a Pamper Party for DG Hair & Beauty Salon. The owner approached Nicola to set up her own rooms in the salon. And so NamasDay was born.

Nicola’s aim is to cherry pick the best treatments possible, and to give her clients an A-list service, where they can achieve total relaxation.

Current treatments include, Hot Stone Massage, Indian Head Massage, Express Massage and Hot & Cold Stone Massage.

To build a good relationship with her clients, Nicola holds a full consultation prior to any treatment, to assess any health conditions and general well being. She can even customise the massage and follows up with a call to check in on the client’s well being.

Nicola readily adapts to new treatments and techniques, and loves to see the difference both emotionally and physically in her clients. She offers a high end, yet totally affordable service. Nicola says “Massage isn’t a luxury - it’s a necessity”. I have to say - I agree!

A whole host of new therapies are coming to NamasDay very soon: notable highlights are Clam Shells, Hot Bamboo, Eastern Facials, Japanese Hand, and Thai Foot Massage. With a loyalty scheme and gift vouchers available, what’s not to love?
So Relax, Revive and Rejuvenate at NamasDay Holistic Therapies & Massage.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. New website coming soon...

NamasDay Holistic

NamasDay Holistic

Therapies & Massage
NamasDay Holistic

NamasDay Holistic

Therapies & Massage
NamasDay Holistic

NamasDay Holistic

Therapies & Massage

Dear Readers

Do you want to experience ‘Heaven on Earth’?

This month I am offering you the chance to book a Deluxe Hot Stone Full Body Massage at the fabulous NamasDay Holistic Therapies & Massage, for the astonishing price of £27.

During this 70 minute incredible experience, your body and mind will be transported to another dimension!

To book this heavenly massage, simply call Nicola on 07941574144, quoting *Offer available until 15th December 2015.



64-BIT computing

64 bit computing logoMike Phillips is a self confessed geek! He loves making things and has a huge curiosity in how things are put together - and how they work. This curiosity and his creativity lead him to the world of web design.

Mike studied art in college after leaving school, but then completely changed direction when he became an electrician in the steel works.

Alongside his day job, Mike studied hard and gained qualifications in computers and electronics.

His next step however was to take a year out to travel - taking in Australia, Bali and Japan.

When he returned, Mike decided to turn his vast knowledge and creativity to web design and has been doing this successfully since the late 90s. His Swansea-based business was established in 2005.

64-BIT computing produces all types of websites from a small web presence, to a fully integrated database e-commerce design, including search engine optimisation (SEO), to make sure the site receives the optimum placement on search engines.

The web design team produce a variety of concepts, working hand in hand with clients to meet their needs.

Types of web sites available include:

Simple single page starter sites.
Multiple page brochure sites.
Advertising and information based sites.
Bespoke database integrated sites.
Online shopping/e-commerce.

There are web design packages to suit everyone and every budget.

Here Mike tells us about the service he offers:

“I take a client’s content and ideas and turn them into a visual, easy to use website for their visitors, guests or readers.

Each client has varying needs and requirements. I work closely with all my clients, getting involved from the ground up - from initial brainstorming and concept development, through to website design and build.

It doesn’t always end there - each website has its own aftercare needs - some need more attention than others. e.g. adding a picture or changing some text, all the way through to ongoing website development, day to day server maintenance and management, SEO and website analytics.

On bigger websites or content management systems (CMS) in general there are other many maintenance tasks that need to be done, such as CMS updates, security, plug-in updates, server maintenance, themes/template updates and general housekeeping. Add this with ongoing SEO and analytics, even a small site can take a lot of time to maintain.”

Mike is now responsible for keeping this website up to date. He is easygoing and extremely creative - Mike totally gets my vision and understands what I want to achieve. He is unbelievably efficient and makes my working life run smoothly.

Thank you Mike - you are a geek genius!

Examples of Mike's work

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