• Look 1

    Love it! Rock it! Own it!
  • Look 2

    Love it! Rock it! Own it!
  • Look 3

    Love it! Rock it! Own it!
  • Look 4

    Love it! Rock it! Own it!
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    Love it! Rock it! Own it!

Love it! Rock it! Own it!

When I get dressed I always think: "Where am I going and what fashion mood am I in?"

The answers to these questions determine which choices I make with my clothes, shoes and accessories - ultimately giving me an outfit I can feel confident and stylish in. 

"Fashion shouldn't be taken too seriously. You've got to have fun with it, to make it work" 
Every edition I am going to share with you:

**What's in my Wardrobe**
**A Heavenly Hint** 
**A Heavenly Treat**
**Your “Fashion Heaven” Moments**

I want you to think of all the items in your wardrobe and all the endless possibilities of what you can create. 
Let your imagination run riot. Have fun, glam up - Love it! Rock it! Own it!

**What's in my Wardrobe**

This month I am really focused on accessories. An accessory can elevate a simple outfit to - out of this world.

I have taken a white outfit and a black outfit, dressing them up with different accessories to change the look. You can wear your clothes year in, year out - but make them look different by changing the accessories.

  • Look 1. A white off the shoulder dress was brought to life with artfully arranged deep red roses. After curling my hair and pinning it to one side, Hilary threaded the roses in place. These gorgeous roses from Flowers By Arrangement, Swansea are a simple idea and very effective.
  • Look 2. For a more sultry look, I changed the white dress for a black one. Again the roses stand out and look incredible, creating another fabulous outfit.
  • Look 3. A black strapless top and trousers were made to look sophisticated with a feather scarf and lots of diamonds. Hilary pinned my hair back to showcase the sparkling necklace and earrings.
  • Look 4. I wanted to create a simple and casual outfit with the black strapless top and trousers. Keeping my hair pinned up, Hilary draped a scarf around my head and I added oversized sunglasses to complete the look.
  • Look 5. For this outfit, I added a black jacket and some fabulous jewelled epaulettes. Hilary pulled all my hair under a huge black hat creating a stunning, androgynous look.

Throughout all these looks, makeup was kept minimal.

The base was created using the By Terry Range. Creamy gold tone eyeshadows by Charlotte Tilbury were applied, with black Givenchy mascara.
A combination of Charlotte Tilbury and Tom Ford blushers were used to create a soft natural glow.

For every look the lipstick and lipgloss was changed. All these products were from the Charlotte Tilbury range.

Nails were designed by Lucy of Irresistible Beauty, using a deep pinky/red base, layering it with red holographic glitter, creating a very striking look.

I would love to see how you accessorize your outfits. Show me your take on my outfits by sending your photos to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or tweet me @EmmaHeaven15 #myfashionheavenmoment.

**A Heavenly Hint** 

Nothing spoils a beautiful outfit more than the dreaded VPL.
So here are some hints/tips to prevent this happening.

  • Always buy a size bigger so the elastic doesn't dig into your skin, causing unsightly lumps and bumps.
  • Match the colour of your underwear to your skin tone, so it doesn't show through your clothing - particularly when wearing white.
  • Try shapewear - it really does seamlessly smooth everything out, creating a beautiful silhouette.

**A Heavenly Treat** 

Dry body brush. Why? you ask yourselves.

  • First plus point , it reduces the appearance of cellulite. It also helps shed dead skin cells, resulting in smoother, brighter skin.
  • It improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.
  • Get a good body brush and use before you shower. In gentle, circular motions, start from the ankles, moving up slowly, towards the heart.
  • Never body brush over inflamed skin, sores, or sunburnt skin.
  • Shower to wash away the dead skin cells and then slather on some luxurious body moisturiser all over.
  • It feels fabulously invigorating and your body will love you for it.

**Your “Fashion Heaven” Moments**

Thank you to everyone who sent in a photo of how they styled their white summer outfit (July Issue).

Here are a few of my favourites.

Maxine Bromfield, Swansea: Looking incredible in her white fitted dress.
Samantha Mainwaring, Swansea: I love this gorgeous white dress. So simple and pretty.
Angharad Evans, Swansea: The birthday girl looks ever so stylish in this beautiful white dress.
Kirstie Draper, Swansea: Adding a pop of colour to enhance her fabulous white outfit.
Stacey Draper, Swansea: Looking very chic in her white ensemble.

Well done ladies - you all look Classy & Fabulous.

  • Angharad Evans

    Love it
  • Kirstie Draper

    Love it
  • Maxine Bromfield

    Love it
  • Stacey Draper

    Love it
  • Samantha Mainwaring

    Love it

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