June 2024

Life’s A Drag - June 2024

Life's A Drag, so come join the party as we enter the fabulously riotous and (not so) glamorous world of Drag …complete with over the top tears, possible diva tantrums, laughter, and downright naughty behaviour! 

Get ready for ~The Good, The Bad & The Dragly!!!





WARNING: Video contains adult humour & strong language.

DISCLAIMER: No participants were harmed during the filming of this feature! As for after filming, we couldn’t possibly comment!! Or, as The Go-Go’s infamously sang, Our Lips Are Sealed, so to speak…


Introducing our Queens

Olivia Hell

olivia hell profile photo

“It’s so intoxicating having people hang on to my every word and listening to me as though I were a god ~ well I have been sent from heaven to give you hell, AND I do love the sound of my own voice ~ so this new feature is a win-win. I get to show off just how fabulous and clever I am.” 

Olivia’s humour is unabashed, she can be blunt ~ honest and to the point! yet extremely funny. Only a Cancerian can pull off such insults with such aplomb. You can’t help but laugh along, yet still want to be her best friend! 

You might not like or agree with what she’s got to say, however, you did ask, this is her feature and after all, she is a queen!


You can follow her on her social media platforms:
Instagram: @its.olivia.hell
Facebook: Olivia Hell

Anita Fag

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Swansea’s Smokin’ Hot Woman ~ Anita Fag ~ always on the lookout for a large vodka and a ciggy. She's the ultimate party girl. With her star sign being Cancer, this automatically makes her a bit of a standoffish bitch. How’s that you may ask?

First you need to earn her trust before she’ll warm up to you. Once that’s achieved, she’ll be a loyal friend for life. HOWEVER, if you dare to betray her, she’ll cut you off permanently and discard you like a fully-smoked cigarette, throw you on the floor, grinding and stamping on you with her sparkly stiletto just to make sure she’s well and truly extinguished you!!

Anita is available for UK bookings, where she will sing and entertain you.

For more information contact: linktr.ee/AnitaFag
Instagram: @anitafag_

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