April 2022

Joolz Raven Stewart - Hypnotherapist

Hi, my name is Joolz Raven Stewart.

I'm a therapist, healer and Reiki Master Teacher.

I run Ravens Retreat in South Wales and have healing rooms in Neath & Swansea.

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I was born into a very spiritual family, both my mother and grandmother were spiritualists, so all things metaphysical were quite normal as I grew up.

I believe when we are ready to learn our teacher appears and that's exactly what happened. I met an amazing Reiki Master who guided my journey with Reiki and crystal healing. I studied Reiki and quickly became hooked by this amazing magical energy work!

I went on to study psychology and counselling which led me to hypnotherapy and past life regression, which have become the main theme in my healing and counselling practice.

It is so powerful and really does change lives.

I have to admit to my addiction to learning, as I guess it's adding strings to the same bow.

Cognitive behavioural therapy and life coaching were next and add to that, wedding and funeral celebrant!

What do I do to relax?

I love the outdoors walking with my little rescue dog Mavis and I also love creating jewellery. I find it quite meditative and therapeutic making crystal jewellery and memorial cremation pendants.

I've been at the Emma Heaven magazine for many years and what a journey it's been. It is amazing to be able to work with you through the magazine with the magic of the internet and I’m here to help with your holistic and spiritual journey as we launch the ‘EMMA’ series.

Sending much love and blessings your way,

Joolz Xx

(EMMA) Emotion & Mood Meditation Archives

Our lives are governed by our moods and emotions.
They affect how we function on a daily basis in our work, rest and play, and with what we eat and drink.

The goal of this new feature is to equip every reader with the necessary tools to deal with every emotion and mood; so that you are able to lead a more fulfilled and balanced life; make healthier choices; and have the ability to draw upon these lessons whenever they are needed.

Every month there will be a video featuring a guided meditation, with the help of healing crystals that will be dedicated to overcoming a particular mood/emotion.

The videos will form part of the:

Emotion & Mood Meditation Archives or ‘EMMA’ for short, which will be permanently accessible.

This month we continue the series with: Joy

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Website: RavensRetreat.wales



(EMMA) Emotion & Mood Meditation Archives

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