March 2021

In The Spotlight - The Crystal Moon Collection by Charlotte Cole

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The Crystal Moon Collection by Charlotte Cole

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Hi my name is Charlotte Cole, and I am the creator of The Crystal Moon Collection.

I am also the owner of Tranquil Oasis Holistic & Complementary Therapies.

The Crystal Moon Collection is a range of luxury bath, body & home products for the soul
which are extremely affordable.

The range is made from all natural ingredients, cruelty free and zero waste.

Self care is massively underrated; sometimes the most productive thing to do is to practice self care! I had gone through something very traumatic and I was experiencing a lot of pain. I did a lot of soul searching and work on myself, before turning my pain into my passion, and unleashed my creative side, which resulted in The Crystal Moon Collection being born in July 2020.

photo 2Being holistic, I recognised that I was going through a spiritual awakening, and I kept having new ideas. It started with me buying a sewing machine and making aromatherapy relaxation eye pillows, which turned out to be super popular amongst friends, clients and family.

This inspired me to make other products, which led to the creation of bath bombs and believe me when I say that they took a LOT of perfecting (the 1st batch was hilarious). Next up followed our spiritual self care packages which have been our number one seller. September 2020 saw us introduce our natural soy wax candles along with many more products as my creativity grew and grew, and the ideas kept on flowing.

With a range of products on offer, I decided to open an online shop with Etsy. This has gained us many admirers, producing lots of sales and some very happy customers.

Recently, we launched our beautiful Crystal-Infused Candles which have been a real hit with our customers.

Our growing range is full of beautiful scents and aromas. Whether you need some calm in your life or a simple pick-me-up... we’ve got you covered!

photo 3I am super proud of the growth we have already achieved in less than a year, and I look forward to seeing where my creativity takes me next, and what the future has in store for The Crystal Moon Collection.

You can visit our Etsy Shop ‘The Crystal Moon 13’ here

Or find and follow us on social media: Crystal Moon Collection



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