June 2021

In The Spotlight - Rhiannon Roberts: Unicow and the Owl

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Rhiannon Roberts: Unicow and the Owl

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Hi there. I’m Rhiannon, a farmer's wife and mom of 2 beautiful, busy children. We live in the idyllic county of Pembrokeshire in Wales, near the Preseli Mountains, which are known for their magical properties (not to mention it's where the stones from Stonehenge came from).

At the start of this year I published my first children’s book. So how did it all begin?

It was August 2018 and I had just put my baby girl down for a nap; like most moms, I had a pile of dishes to tackle, which had long outstayed any welcome in the sink! Whilst admiring the picturesque view through the kitchen window, with the cows grazing in the field beyond our garden fence, my thoughts were wandering through my tired brain.

Then, as clear as day, Unicow popped into my head. Floods of stories came and I immediately set off to write them down. After several cups of tea, whilst juggling breastfeeding my 5-month-old daughter, I had offloaded these stories onto paper. How incredible that felt!

And the Magical part?

Other than having my incredibly talented brother Hywel Bryant do the illustrating for Unicow (his first time illustrating by the way), I have always been aware and connected to the universe, using The Law Of Attraction in my day-to-day life; let me just say that gratitude does bring you more.

Prior to publishing Unicow And The Owl, I had faith that the universe would help guide me on my mission for Unicow to gallop into the hearts of those children who read her.

I followed lots of authors on social media for inspiration, reaching out to many for help and advice as I had no idea on how to self-publish a book. For a few days I was unsuccessful in replies from these authors, however, I still had faith in the Universe.

One morning I heard a *PING* - it was a message from an incredible lady, Lynn Robertson, the author of Earthy Books. I cannot put into words how grateful I am for this lady coming into my life. She lives in Fife, Scotland, which is more than 400 miles away from me, however, she’s always in my heart.

She gave me the most valuable thing on this planet: her time. The invaluable information, helpful links, how to copyright, and even the printing company details - I owe so much to Lynn.

The Universe works in mysterious ways, you just need to ask, believe & receive with gratitude & faith, and always pay it forward.

A good deed received requires a good deed to be given.

So what does the future hold for Unicow?

Hywel and I are working on book number two, which will hopefully be published at the end of this year. My dream goal is for Unicow to become a children’s TV series.

Also sneak alert - I have written a story about a RunAway Elf, so keep your eyes peeled in the run up to this Christmas!

With much gratitude to the Emma Heaven online magazine for sharing my story and to its followers for reading my story.

Rhiannon xx



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