January 2021

Jo Pope - Yoga/Spiritual Guru - January 2021 - Boredom

Are you at the mercy of your moods and emotions?


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Our lives are governed by our moods and emotions.

They affect how we function on a daily basis in our work, rest and play, and with what we eat and drink.





There are 27 human emotions:


And 20 moods:

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The goal of this new feature is to equip every reader with the necessary tools to deal with every emotion and mood; so that you are able to lead a more fulfilled and balanced
life; make healthier choices, and have the ability to draw upon these lessons whenever they are needed.

Every month there will be a video featuring a unique yoga practice, dedicated to overcoming a particular mood/emotion.

Why yoga?

Yoga is a disciplined method for attaining a goal which incorporates techniques of controlling the body and mind, to help intensify and capitalise upon positive moods and emotions, and helping us to manage negative moods, emotions which arise from the general trials and tribulations of day-to-day living!

How do we achieve this?

Our yoga video tackles the 3 Ms:

  • Mood
  • Movement
  • Meditation

I set the Mood by creating a narrative with vision, music and scent.
I create a Movement sequence designed to address/overcome the mood/emotion.
I lead a Meditation to restore balance, reassure and bring calmness and positivity.

The videos will form part of the:

Emotional Mood Mastery Archives or ‘EMMA’ for short, which will be permanently accessible.

This month we continue the series with: Boredom


Venue: Studio Heaven
Video filmed by: Emma Heaven
Video edited by: Adrian Heaven
Video background clip: zaidoopro: Pixabay.com.


Emotional Mood Mastery Archives (EMMA)