May 2019

Tara Hammett - Chilli Chicken Mint Wrap

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‘You are what you eat’

Chilli Chicken Mint Wrap


Chicken breast
Chilli flakes
Fresh mint leaves (4-6)
Frozen mango cubes (3-4)
1 Tablespoon Greek yogurt





How To:

Cover chicken with the chilli flakes and bake in oven until cooked through.

Blitz mint, mango & yogurt in food processor to make your mango mayo.

Follow the egg wrap recipe to make your wrap.

(You can also get creative with this recipe and add different flavours to your wrap, such as black pepper, chilli, mint, or even sweeten with something like cinnamon)

Fill your wrap with the sliced chicken, mayo and some greens like spinach.

‘Feel the fear - but do it anyway’

Today I’m going to share some tips with you following my recent support sessions with some lovely ladies.

These are wonderful people, trying to do the best they can but they 'struggle with the juggle'.

Juggling being a:

  • Mother
  • Partner
  • Daughter
  • Friend
  • Colleague
  • Business owner
  • Home owner
  • Pet owner
  • ....................then themselves.


And because of being in last position they neglect themselves whilst racing around after everyone else.

Then they feel GUILTY about doing something just for themselves.

  • They avoid exercise or don't give it their best
  • Make mindless choices of eating snacks and goodies (whilst not paying any attention to them at all)
  • Dread looking in the mirror, or seeing themselves in photographs
  • Cry when they think about what they have done to themselves.

I know thousands of women feel like this, wondering will they ever be the person they really want to be.

Here are my five tips for you right now which are much more than “exercise more and eat less”.

1) Get help

I've been chatting with lots of ladies privately about their struggles. Having someone to talk to is an essential part of your success.

With my support sessions, the girls fill out a quick form before we chat. Filling out the form has been a huge help with clarity and motivation, even before we chat.

During the chat we create a realistic plan based specifically to their unique lifestyle and they get daily, private support from me following the session.

If you feel you could do with some help, in confidence, please do email me back if you'd like more information on my Support Sessions.

2) Learn your lessons

We all have moments where we 'fall off track' or eat /drink too much.

This is absolutely fine, however we must always remember how we feel and learn from it.

Repeating the same mistakes over and over again aren't lessons. They're decisions you’re making to stay exactly where you are.

You need to spend some time reflecting on what you've done, how you feel afterwards and deliberately change your habits in the future.

3) Write things down

As I mentioned, simply answering the questions in my support session questionnaire has been so powerful in helping the girls get clarity on what they want.

Today, take some time with a pen and paper and write things down.

  • How are you feeling?
  • Why do you want to change?
  • What habits got you where you are right now?
  • What needs to change?
  • How are you going to do it?

It's amazing how powerful seeing something in black and white is.

4) Accept that change and happiness is not about chasing the number on the scales

Stop punishing and pushing yourself because of the number on the scales.

Remember that your health and happiness is most important and this requires working on your daily habits, your mindset, your relationships, as well as your food and exercise.

Work on a plan that helps to improve all of these areas.

5) Change your relationship with the word SELFISH

Selfish isn't bad.

Being selfish is essential for your happiness and everyone around you.

When you are the best version of you, everyone gets the pleasure of a happier, more patient, confident version of you.

“My husband/partner says I'm much nicer to be around these days” << I've heard this many times from the girls in the plan who have worked on their goals.

So even if you do still feel guilty about putting yourself first, as you chase around after everyone else...remember they want that happier version of you.

Take time out and invest in yourself.

As I mentioned in point number 1

Get help.

It's hard on your own and I guarantee that as you read this if you think:

YES, that sounds like me
YES, I struggle with the juggle
YES, I want to change
You just carry on doing the same things as you always do and try it on your own....

You are making that choice to stay the same.


^^^ You need all of these.

I hope I’ve given you something to think about; and please watch the video below for this month’s ‘Ask Tara’ - it could possibly give you answers to questions that you may have.


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