January 2019

In The Spotlight - Dorado Studios

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Dorado Studios

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Dorado Studios ~ ‘The Beauty Social Spot’ is the brainchild of the fabulously talented Jenna Kelly Makeup Artist.

It is a private studio offering the very best in luxury beauty treatments in the most beautiful, tranquil surroundings, all served up by friendly, knowledgeable beauticians who want to pamper and spoil you. And I should know, as I visited the studio before this month’s shoot to get a little pampering done on my lashes!

Want to know more?

Here is JK to tell you all about her little beauty oasis:

“I love the Spanish language; it’s sassy and the Latina women have their beauty nailed down.

Dorado means golden. I think life is golden. I love everything gold, the best things in life are gold, gold jewellery. When I think of gold, I think of luxe and this was the feeling I wanted when I named the studio. I wanted a name which did not have anything to do with beauty, so the name would be unique, would stand out, and I wanted it to be a talking point - “What are the Dorado Studios?”

jenna kelly photo 2I went on to nickname it ‘The Beauty Social Spot’. In a nutshell it means being there for the social life everyone wants, such as a cup of tea and a catch up, or a coffee and a chill; somewhere you look forward to visiting for your beauty treatments rather than having to fit them in as though they were a chore.

I want people to view having a beauty treatment as something fun, relaxing, pampering - an experience, rather than ‘just an appointment’ for a treatment.

We also offer a service where you can pop in on your lunch break and even bring your lunch with you; plus we have extended slots, so that treatments are relaxing and no-one feels rushed. It’s not your typical beauty salon by any means!

I have personally struggled with my own skin for a long time, until I understood that a good skin care routine was the only way I could control my skin and was the answer to its problems.

After working for so many years in makeup, I’ve discovered that makeup is nothing without good skin. You can’t paint a beautiful portrait on a below-par canvas! Makeup is just a tool, and while it is a fabulous tool to have, what is even better is having amazing, glowing skin which doesn’t need to be covered or enhanced with makeup all the time.

emily beth kelly photo 3I love working with women. As much as we love to dress up and put on makeup, we also want to look and feel great in just our own skin. So it was this which inspired me to turn Dorado into a studio, specifically designed to make women feel fabulous and confident, even without a stitch of makeup on.

Real women, real life - not the painted, filtered pictures we see on social media - just the real us: healthy, glowing and natural.

The treatments I perform at the studios are:

  • Dermaplaning Facial: our dermaplaning is advanced, which I have had extensive training in.
  • The Dorado Glow Facial: dermaplaning combined with a face, neck and shoulders massage for maximum product absorption;
  • Emerald Facial, my own special bespoke facial which contains many elements, including: dermaplaning, microneedling and hyaluronic acid. All these combined together, with some extras, to make one fabulous treatment that is skin transforming.

I’m offering facials which transform your skin - they are results driven and you can see a difference when you leave the studio. And I still offer Occasion makeup and the JK Bridal Experience - Bridal Makeup.

stephanie ace photo 4Emily-Beth Kelly is our part-time beautician (and also my sister) - she has definitely caught the ‘beauty bug’. She specialises in bespoke eyelash lifting/tinting, classic mink eyelash extensions, eyebrow waxing/tinting, facial waxing and more recently, gel manicures.

We also have Back to Beauty SA by Stephanie Ace who specialises in luxury LVL lash lifts, gel manicure and pedicure. Brow waxing/tinting and facial and body waxing.

Dorado is my baby. Looking ahead and moving forward, I will be cutting back on weddings which take me out of the studio and all over the country, and I will be focusing on the skincare treatments and building the studio’s repertoire.

Another exciting development is I will be offering one-to-one tutorials on how to apply your own makeup, and a one-to-one tutorial for makeup artists which will include specialising in bridal makeup and how I approach a wedding from booking through to trial through to the wedding day - the complete package.

Dorado Studios is all about life preparation. You need to be prepared and be ready for everything in this life! Keeping us that little bit ready for when we do need to go out, so that it doesn’t take us a week to prepare for a night out, big event or holiday. Our skin, lashes and brows are always good to go.

You start with your skin - making sure it’s always in tip top glowing condition and then the brows, which are waxed, shaped and tinted; and lashes that are tinted and lifted, so we continually keep ourselves looking natural, finished and prepped. JK xx”

For more information you can visit www.doradostudios.com



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