January 2019

Debbie Buss - Epiphanies will lead to miracles...

Is life passing you by?

Hello I'm Debbie Buss. I am an Intuitive Healer and Spiritual Coach. My passion is working with women, helping them to get back into their forgotten bodies.

*Warning: This column contains strong language and adult content!

debbie buss

Epiphanies will lead to miracles...

Welcome 2019, wow where have the last 12 months gone?

As I look back at 2018 I have to pinch myself and also congratulate the many achievements. It has not all been plain sailing and there have been many lessons learned, many tears shed and lots of laughter inbetween, I’ve met wonderful new people and added new modalities to my ever growing tool kit I call 'life’s adventures'. I completed my Reiki Masters, did my Scientific hand analysis course, Numerology and recently finished my dream analysis and certified as a women’s wellness guide. Both my children went off to University and I questioned my very purpose on this planet on numerous occasions. Bloody hell 2018 you have been a blast...

As you move into a new year and a new cycle, how many of you look back at the year gone and congratulate yourself? Have the last 12 months been a struggle financially, emotionally? or has 2018 been a fantastic year where you have grown in confidence and self belief, quit that job you had always wanted to do and start a new adventure, or finally walked away from a relationship that was breaking your soul in half? Did you lose someone? My aunt passed away this year. For some it has been a neverending rollercoaster of repeating the same patterns.
However life has shown up for you these last 12 months it’s time to make 2019 a year of discovery, adventures, meaningful and pretty bloody amazing.

New year New YOU! social media has been shouting this, gym memberships have discounts and adverts are everywhere for summer holidays... Now I am all for a new you, but what if the new you is already the old you, you just got a little lost somewhere inbetween all the madness and the chaos of living a life, the stresses and strains we put on ourselves!? Our boundaries get crossed and our life values are pretty non-existent, we put off for tomorrow what we need to be doing today!

How many of you have found yourself back in frustrating situations that are eerily similar to your past?
When frustrated with a situation or someone in your life do you tend to focus on the past or future rather than deal with your current emotions and experience?
Why do we not face our fears?
Fear has a nasty habit of getting in our way, from preventing us to take emotional risks, even stepping out of our comfort zone, feeling that we are not brave enough... Brave to me is feeling the fear and doing it anyway!
I have let fear dictate my life for many years, allowed the negative ninny inside of me tell me I am not good enough, compared myself to other women and have been pretty judgemental with myself and others…

Whenever your fear of experiencing an emotion forces you to opt for something else, it is obvious that this will not help you. If you feel bad, I encourage you to stay with this feeling. Let yourself feel your pain, cry as much as you need to.
In order for you to move forward, you also have to look back to where you have started, what is your story in motion? what stories are you repeating that are keeping you stuck?
Now is the time for real change in consciousness as you are invited to lift the veil and discover yourself, it’s time to challenge your limited beliefs, it’s time to tweak the story of your life, the structures that are limiting your authentic progress. It is not enough to rebel in small ways, this is the call to Revolution!
Focus on what you really want to achieve, regardless of whether it takes you out of your comfort zone, remember transformations are rarely comfortable.
Say No to what is no longer working in your life, it’s time to take a stand and make real changes.

A little warning if you are not living your life in alignment with who you are, the Universe will pull that rug from under you. Believe me I’ve had very painful experiences of this…

You may have experienced that the structure of your inner world is alerting you to the need for a complete overhaul. Make 2019 your time for transformation, so let go the fear of change. Your inner guidance and intuition will lead you through the darkness, trust in the magic of the cycles of death and rebirth, there is no turning back now, trust that whatever obstacles that present themselves to you are a second chance to course direct… A second chance to take off the blinkers, then step out of your own way and watch as epiphanies will sure lead you to miracles...

Happy New year to you all, let’s make 2019 the year we made a difference.

Lots of love


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