September 2018

Debbie Buss - Dreams can come true…

Is life passing you by?

Hello I'm Debbie Buss. I am an Intuitive Healer and Spiritual Coach. My passion is working with women, helping them to get back into their forgotten bodies.

*Warning: This column contains strong language and adult content!

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Dreams can come true…

The power of our dreams, why we dream, and how they can help to heal us

Why do we dream?

The mind is a powerful healer, it works to help us to keep on learning, evolving and healing. It is a mechanism of survival and spiritual development.

There are three reasons why we dream:

1. Dreaming helps us bring unresolved issues that we need to face to our consciousness. If you are repressing a fear or problem within your life, your dreams will try to help you to resolve them by problem solving. If you have a dream that you are being chased, then in your waking life there is an issue or problem which is causing you to fear something and you are not willing to let it go. Causing you to be subconsciously anxious.


2. The second reason has to do with our spiritual development and karmic resolve. This could come in the form of deepening your spiritual awareness, seeking guidance from a spiritual advisor, they will be able to assist with how your karma is playing out.

Karma is your previous life actions - so if you caused pain to someone in a previous life, you will later experience that karmic lesson in this life. We have all heard of the saying “what goes around comes around.”

What sticks in my mind is the moment Cecile, in the brilliant film the Color Purple, says to her husband “Everything you done to me, already done to you.” This gives me goosebumps as it is a gentle reminder that every word and every action we choose to use has already been done to us in another life.

When we dream we provide our soul with a lesson and this gets us to resolve through learning experiences. Have you ever dreamt of changing jobs or careers, or passing an exam or even graduating? These dreams are part of your karmic resolve and should be celebrated as the previous life lessons have been accomplished.


3. The third reason has to do with our everyday lives and how we manage stress. So while we dream it helps us to work out the problem through stories and symbols.

If you have ever gone to bed anxious or upset and woken up feeling happy, during your dream you have subconsciously resolved the issue. The mind works as a survival mechanism, it helps you to heal and feel better when you are stressed out. It actually helps you with day to day problems, communicating through stories and symbols.

You may dream about a snake or animal, a wedding or driving a car. This is your higher-self communicating with you. You may also experience someone speaking directly to you; pay attention as they are giving you advice, and once awake you may find everything clicks into place.

I would encourage you to keep a notebook by your bedside, to make a note of your dreams and see if there are any patterns as to what is going on in your waking life. The first initial ‘half sleep’ state is the best time to write as this is where you will still have access to the symbols.


In the mirror of your dreams you can witness what is happening in your body, in your mind, and in your most guarded self and intuitions.

Your dreams take you into the profoundly unknown aspects of your personality and your heartfelt - often subconscious - links with the people and world around you.

Understanding your dreams can help you to creatively find your way through the difficulties you face in work, in relationships, in discovering your potential, and in your personal growth. They do this by reflecting the truth about your strength and weaknesses.

Dreams have access to the enormous resources of your total memories and to the sources of your creativity. Observing your dreams can radically improve your health and way of life.

If we use the analogy of the car, your conscious need might be to hurry to an appointment, but the car may need a service or be out of fuel. In dreaming, this can show you when your way of life is stressing your body or emotions.

Colours and numbers also play an important part of your dreams as each colour represents part of the energy field and part of the chakras within the body.

If you dream of the colour black, this represents a negativity in your dreams and comes from a fear standpoint.

The colour red is the colour of passion and represents the root chakra and can be sexuality, passion, security; mix this with black and there could be a fear about something affecting your security.

Green is the colour of the heart chakra. This symbolises your emotions and love.

Pay attention to any numbers that appear in your dream, also know as numerology. Numerology is the mystical relationship between numbers and life.

According to experts in numerology, each number has a unique vibration. The root numbers are 0 through to 10. These could show up as a price tag on a piece of clothing or people sitting at a table. For instance, say there were six people, then you would be dreaming of the number six. You may also see one gold coin, this would represent the number one, which represents the self, the ego and, depending on the other characteristics of the dream, could be that the dreamer is too involved or too selfish.

Any dreams involving money usually stem from financial issues. There are so many symbols and stories that are used to try and get our attention. The fun comes in trying to decode what the messages mean.

I use dream analysis with my other work such as past life regression to help my clients understand what their dreams are telling them.

Dreams are powerful ways of expressing what is happening to us. What are your dreams telling YOU?

Sweet dreams

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