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Debbie Buss - The magic of [menstrual] cycle

Is life passing you by?

Hello I'm Debbie Buss. I am an Intuitive Healer and Spiritual Coach. My passion is working with women, helping them to get back into their forgotten bodies.

*Warning: This column contains strong language and adult content!

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How the magic of [menstrual] cycle syncing can change your life for the better!

Do you notice sometimes how you can drop a cup or plate and it’s ok, then the following week the same happens and it’s the end of the world, tears, frustration, drama? What if I told you that there is a reason for this and it’s all to do with the wonderful world of hormones?

Gents: if you follow the advice I am going to give, this will earn you some serious brownie points and could potentially make you the best husband and partner.

Ladies: keep reading.

It is understandable how in today’s world, many of us will have suppressed the masculine and/or feminine energies to cope with modern day life pressures of work, family and relationships, which in turn has a lasting and potentially damaging effect on our bodies, especially for us women.

We are not designed to ‘live in the masculine’ [energy], which is why our monthly cycles may be erratic, or we have a hormonal imbalance, gain weight, and possibly an underlying reason for any fertility issues.

Our womanhood is a unique expression of the ‘divine feminine’ and coming into ‘alignment’; it is not about conforming to an archetypal idea of what the divine feminine is or isn’t. It IS about releasing the things that inhibit our own unique feminine essence from radiating through us. It IS about reclaiming who we really ARE.

photo 1Women have been conditioned to gracefully adjust to the male workplace, environment, schedule, and approach to productivity for a very long time.

With more women than ever in the workplace it’s time to consider what we can do to explore productivity at work, and through a female paradigm. This could be the key to unlocking that added edge which women have been searching for.

What if the secret to successful project planning and execution was embedded in the female hormonal cycle?

Just as every year has its seasons, women experience similar too with each monthly cycle, as we go through seasons. Even postmenopausal women still report of energy cycles, if not biological ones. Sometimes these are longer cycles, often between six to eight weeks. Other postmenopausal women report that they fall in sync with the moon’s cycle.

For many years I suffered immense period pain every month, and some months I was unable to get out of bed for the first two days; if I did, it would be with a hot water bottle strapped to me, taking painkillers to numb the pain. I was eventually diagnosed with a condition called endometriosis.

photo 2Recent statistics from endometriosis-uk.org report: ‘1 in 10 women of reproductive age in the UK suffer from the condition. 10% of women worldwide have endometriosis’. That amounts to 176 million women worldwide, with this being the second most common gynaecological condition in the UK.

Being diagnosed with this condition, I knew I had to investigate alternative methods. I found a wonderful book by Alisa Vitti called the ‘Women Code’. I highly recommend this to anyone suffering from any gynaecological condition.

By using the natural cycles of the moon alongside the eating plan in the book, I started to see a huge difference in my energy levels. As a result my periods became less painful, and within six months I was free from my endometriosis symptoms, with pain-free periods every month. When I am not in sync with my body, this shows up as painful periods.

By nature, women are lunar. It's no coincidence that the length of our menstrual cycles is
synced with the waxing and waning of the moon, occurring around every 28 days.

If we are in sync with the moon's cycle, we will menstruate around the new moon phase and ovulate around the time of the full moon. And while your body may not already be in harmony with the moon, there are things to keep in mind, and practices to do, which can help regulate your cycle. When your body and the moon are synced up, your cycle won't feel like a pain-in-the-butt, but an opportunity to ‘go with the flow’.

1. The New Moon / Phase 1: Menstrual 3-7 days

photo 3If a woman's hormonal cycle is in sync with the moon, the time between the new moon and the full moon is when estrogen increases, ultimately culminating in ovulation at the full moon. For this woman, the new moon is the time of menstruation.

The new moon is a great time for women to look inward, honour their bodies, and assess their lives.

What is working and what isn't working?

It is a time to set intentions and to cleanse the body and mind of stale energy and stagnation.

This is also where hormones decline quickly to their lowest concentrations, creating the greatest communication between your two brain hemispheres, the left ‘analytical side’ and the right ‘feeling side’. Great for evaluating projects and results, reading data.

  • Being in the present
  • Forgive, forget, and let go
  • Retreat, restore, renew, be gentle
  • Peace, meditate
  • Connect with Source / higher self

Energy is likely to be low, so take extra naps, focus on lighter exercise such as walking, yoga or Pilates.

Focus on foods which add nutrients, protein, fats and low GI foods to keep your blood sugar steady. Seafood, kelp can help remineralize your body with Iron and zinc which you lose during menstruation.

2. Waning Moon / Phase 2 Follicular (just after your period) 7-10 days

Hormones are at a low point and your body is starting to increase its estrogen. You are open and ready to try new things.

This is a good time to start new projects at work. Plan the month ahead - do some project management. Break out the spreadsheet and plan. Brainstorm with people in meetings. Dream big. Mastermind how you will take over the world!

  • Planning, prioritising, analysing
  • Starting new projects
  • Start new vitality plans
  • Confidence, idealism, optimism
  • Having assertive and difficult conversations

3. The Full Moon / Phase 3 Ovulation 3-5 days

photo 4There is a rise in the follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), followed by a rise in the Luteinising hormone (LH).
Communication and collaboration skills are at their highest all month. The brain chemistry you have during this phase heightens your verbal skills.
This is a great time to have important conversations. Maybe ask for that raise, plan to negotiate deals.
Since you will be at your most irresistible try to plan out a schedule. You are a magnet. You have energy to burn, so go for it. Choose high impact group workouts, boot camp, hit the gym.
Fill up on raw veggies for fibre and fruit, sticking to lighter grains like quinoa and corn.
Make plans for dinner with friends, go to parties, mix and mingle. If single, it’s the perfect time for dating.

  • Persuading, influencing
  • Presentations
  • Nesting & beautifying
  • Romance
  • Captivating and connecting
  • Juicy deep conversations
  • Making babies!

4. The Waxing Moon / Phase 4 Luteal Phase 10-14 days

The luteal phase is the ‘power phase’ for getting things done. You are most task-oriented and feel the most pleasure at completing projects during this time. And thank goodness, as this is the longest phase of the cycle.

It’s easy to focus and pay attention to minute details. We can leverage this attention to detail to accomplish flawless work. Wrap up projects; bring things to completion; do administrative type tasks such as your accounting, submit your monthly reports, your expense reports.

During this phase you will have lots of energy to burn. Use this for slow strengthening training or intense yoga. By focusing on foods rich in Vitamin B you will help to stave off sugar cravings, eating leafy greens to boost your calcium and magnesium, while reducing fluid retention.

  • Tidying and order
  • Structuring and systems (where you have enthusiasm)
  • Decisiveness
  • Clearing baggage
  • Seeing the truth of situations
  • Intuitive answers and out of the blue ideas
  • Creative pursuits that enthuse and excite
  • Manifestation
  • Exercise and sex for stress relief

The divine feminine does not need to be created or cultivated within us as women. It is us. It is the essence of our choice to come into this life as women. Let us embrace the energy within and nurture the delights of being a woman.

By syncing our professional life to our females cycle it allows us to be more efficient, productive and to stay in peak creative flow.

If you have enjoyed reading this, found it helpful, and would like to know more, please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Lots of Love

Debbie xx

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