February 2018

Debbie Buss

Is life passing you by?

Hello I'm Debbie Buss. I am an Intuitive Healer and Spiritual Coach. My passion is working with women, helping them to get back into their forgotten bodies.

*Warning: This column contains strong language and adult content!

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True love is eternal, and it starts with you...

Sometimes the mind resists thinking that if we let go of too much, we will be left with nothing, and that it is better to hold on, even if something or somebody isn’t right for you.

To me this isn’t being kind to you or the situation. True love is eternal, and it should always start with you.

When the sharpest words want to cut you down…

Being kind to you can come in so many forms. How you speak to yourself. Are your words gentle, loving or negative? Are they full of bitterness and pain? Do you shower yourself with loving energy and self-care?

Making time for yourself first, above all other needs. As the saying goes ‘if mama ain’t happy then no-one is happy’. This is so true... As women we take on so much of everyone else’s problems, energy, or dramas, that we leave little time for our own needs.

Between walking the dog, remembering to put on makeup or even brushing our teeth and hair (I have been there ladies), to shuttling the children to school, without even having breakfast, you will have done a day’s work before 9am. You are not the saviour, don’t sink under an ocean of over commitment.

photo 1Just a few simple changes in routine will shift your energy and make so much difference to your life.

  • Allow some time in the morning to sit peacefully with a cup of tea, or hot lemon with ginger (my favourite morning tipple), before everyone gets up and demands your attention.
  • Avoid coffee if you can first thing in the morning, especially on an empty stomach as the caffeine can spike the blood sugar. If you must have the coffee, try adding cream instead of milk, as the fat in the cream emulsifies the caffeine.
  • Light a candle or some incense and get out your journal or note pad. Really try to treasure this morning routine. See it as your special time to be alone with the world.
  • Use this time to your advantage, make notes, journal your thoughts, meditate or savour the peace and quiet and sit in contemplation. Your body will thank you for this.

It is understandable how in today’s world, many of us have suppressed these energies to cope with modern day life pressure of work, family and relationships, which have a lasting and damaging effect on our bodies, especially for women.

photo 2We are not designed to ‘live in the masculine’, therefore having an impact on our monthly cycles which become erratic, hormonal imbalances, weight gain and the reason for many infertility problems.

Our womanhood is a unique expression of the divine feminine; coming into alignment is not about conforming to an archetypal idea of what the divine feminine is or isn’t. It’s about releasing the things that disallow our own unique feminine essence from radiating through us. It is about reclaiming who we really are.

Within every shadow contains a gift

photo 3It is time to come out of the shadows ladies and stop hiding, and rise to the greater challenges that are before us, with grace and ease, and use our energies powerfully. And with this comes great wisdom.

Face fears. Learn to feel them without being overcome by them. We have many lifetimes of fears to confront, but with strength we can experience the darkness within and shine brightly our light.

We are all here to learn how to grow, and we will make mistakes, which I believe are bumps and crossroads in my path, which when I choose to step over will always bring me back where I belong. Our body is the inner compass and will always point you to your truth, we came here for love.

A recent study showed that as women we are suffering from excessive working hours and stress, and that of the women polled, almost three-quarters 71% said they have experienced an anxiety or panic attack. While 40% said they had sought medical help because of anxiety due to stress.

Crazy, right? Especially when we live in a society with so many opportunities for us to grasp, to use our creativity and creative thinking. We are designed to experience love for ourselves, others, embracing joy and coming together as support for each other.

photo 4It’s time to fulfil our roles without being stuck in old patterns and limiting beliefs.

It is time we move towards gratitude and experience personal abundance.

When you truly love yourself, you will realise that the Universe has put in place all your wishes and dreams, and will show you the steps to take to fulfil them…

Every woman is the architect of her own future…



Debbie xx


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