December 2018

Tara Hammett - Carrot and pepper slow cooker soup

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‘You are what you eat’

Carrot and pepper slow cooker soup

tara recipeIngredients:

6 Chopped carrots
2 Diced peppers
1 Diced onion
3 Diced celery stalks
3 Pints water
1 Vegetable stock cube
1 Teaspoon cumin
1 Teaspoon ground ginger
1 Teaspoon paprika



How To:

Throw all the ingredients into the slow cooker at the same time on a low setting. Leave for 6-8 hours. Blitz with a hand blender and voila!

‘Feel the fear - but do it anyway’

Weekends are harder no matter what time of year it is, but Christmas weekends (and weekdays in fact) are even more difficult.

Today, in the 6 Week Body Plan, is results day. So many of the girls have been sharing their losses and achievements, and feeling motivated to take on a new week.

One of the girls put a very honest post about her treat day.

She hadn't been feeling the best all week, off work ill, down in the dumps, and as she put it “100% ate and drank my feelings yesterday”.

She felt a little guilty, but the best part for me was “I'm not going to let it roll on though and undo all the good I've done already”.

BINGO for Tracey!

This is the #1 thing that anybody wanting and trying to lose weight must remember.

One bad meal or day doesn't damage everything, just as one workout or salad doesn't give you instant results (annoyingly!)

As I told Tracey, when you've been working hard on changing your habits, it is difficult initially, however it does get easier over time and it soon becomes second nature. However, when you're still in work mode, we all need to give ourselves a little break.

Having a day with a banana & chocolate cake, with a toffee nut latte, three glasses of wine and two mince pies may not be ideal, however in the long term, a little time-out can help to rev up your energy, will power and motivation to take on another week.

I'm sure days like these don't happen very often for you, but if you get a day where:

  • You're feeling unwell and need some comfort;
  • Planning went out of the window and you grabbed something unhealthy; or
  • Friends invited you out and the festive spirit got the better of you!

The main thing is to see it for what it is and to move on.

1) Keep working on it. One 'bad' day doesn't need to turn into a 'bad' week or month. Get back on it.

2) Look in your diary for the rest of the month; plan when you'll indulge so you can look forward to enjoying it, and also focus on staying organised and on track around your parties/meals out.

3) The day after you've indulged, plan healthy meals. Don't think “oh, I've eaten too much here so I'm not going to eat until later”. This is a recipe for disaster, and will only leave you hungry, then bingeing and feeling like you're on an emotional roller coaster.

4) Plan a good workout. If you know you're going out and will have a few drinks. Make sure you do a workout that day. At least you'll have burned some extra energy and if you have a fuzzy head the next day you can rest OR plan your workout for the next day, to use up all that extra energy you'll have.

5) Don't feel guilty. Make sure your memories of you celebrating are all about enjoyment. Don't punish yourself because you had a dessert or more drinks than planned. We all do it. It's part of enjoying life. A healthy, balanced lifestyle includes your favourite food and drink as well as the healthy food.

We all get those proud feelings when we avoid the goodies or get up and do our workout. Being disciplined and committed is great, showing us that we are strong and can believe in ourselves to reach our goals. Relaxing a bit and enjoying should also feel good!

So if you have lots of parties etc coming up over the next few weeks, get organised to be healthy and active and also plan for those days and nights off. It's all part of the balance of being healthy!

And now for something new with this month’s video.

Let me introduce ‘Ask Tara’.


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