April 2018

Debbie Buss

Is life passing you by?

Hello I'm Debbie Buss. I am an Intuitive Healer and Spiritual Coach. My passion is working with women, helping them to get back into their forgotten bodies.

*Warning: This column contains strong language and adult content!

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The past is a reminder of your future

You are never alone, you can always ask for help, the voice said in the recording I was listening to; “you are never alone.”

I wonder how many of us really ask for help when we are struggling with our daily lives? Do we believe that we have outside help if we reach out and ask for it?

It reminded me of a time in my life a few years back when I have never felt so alone. I had family, friends and work colleagues around me, but when I closed the door at the end of the day, when the children were in bed, my only support system was that bottle of wine to help numb out the pain.

Growing up I wasn’t encouraged to ask for help; I was taught to help others instead, and look out for others. This taught me to become self sufficient and not show weakness, be the wife, the mother, and the support system. I followed my mother and grandmother who ran the house, and never asked for help as it was my job to keep the family cared for.

How many of you are still carrying the whole household on your shoulders, believing that it’s your role to do all the work by yourself, never asking for help?

My help came one December. It was a dark, wet, cold morning. I found myself on the kitchen floor, my eyes sore from all the tears. I remember looking at the crumbs underneath my fridge and thinking I need to brush them away. It’s funny what we choose to see in times of great sorrow.

My dog appeared, giving me angel kisses and for a second I felt supported. Then I heard the voice. A female voice, telling me to “get up, get up and call your mother”. This was the last thing I wanted to do, to ask my family for help. I felt ashamed, guilty even to reach out, but I did as the voice had told me, and I called, asking for help.

The following days I started to feel so much love inside and around me. I felt grateful for my life, my children, my husband, my parents. I started to see feathers and five pence pieces everywhere and the greatest sign was at 10pm one evening. I found a butterfly circling the lightshade and I knew this was another sign as you don’t usually see butterflies in December. Then the following morning a robin appeared on my doorstep.

Sometimes we forget to take the time to see the richness that defines our life, that when we are in our darkest moments that the support system is always there, and we are never alone. It’s our belief that we must do everything by ourselves, that somehow, it’s wrong to ask for help.

Recently I felt myself go back to that December morning, crying, not knowing which way to turn, and then I remembered how I felt and listening to the message on the recording, “you are never alone”; I had forgotten my inner support system, forgotten how to ask for help. I started to write in my gratitude journal and witnessed the true power of gratitude and the love for myself. We are not here to be in pain; we are here to feel love and share our love, all the world requires is Love Sweet Love.

Our heart is more powerful than the brain. Scientists are proving that we can heal with our heart, so if you come from your heart and ask yourself the question “what would love do?” start to listen for the answers - they will come, but maybe not as you expected.

They could come from a song, an advert, or a passing comment. You will know the answer as it’s already within you, just quiet the noises in your head.

I want you to try this heart meditation, it’s great if you have a burning question, or if you just feel you need to get out of your head.

***ADVISORY*** For best results, I recommend you find a quiet place and not to drive or do anything too strenuous afterwards.

  • Find somewhere quiet and sit down, or lie if you prefer, and I want you to picture yourself in your head.
  • Are you dancing? Tap dancing maybe?
  • Directly in front of you is a door.
  • Open the door and you will see a spiral staircase. Walk down the staircase and you will see another door, just to the left. Open it.
  • You have now entered your heart.
  • What does it look like? How does it make you feel?
  • Can you feel the pulse of the heart? The sounds?
  • I want you to spend sometime just being in your heart. Allow the love to flow through you. Then if you want to share the love, breathe out the love to whomever you wish.
  • Ask your heart the question. Or just allow yourself to feel the warmth of the heart.
  • When you feel you need to get up, slowly allow yourself some time to come back into the present moment, and drink some water.

If you can, try and stay in your heart for the next hour.

You don’t need to lie down or stay in one place, however please don’t drive or do anything overly energetic, while you stay within your heart as you will still need to concentrate.

Whenever you feel the need go into the heart, allow the messages from your heart to come through.

Show yourself compassion, forgiveness, support and most importantly show self love, embrace your vitality and remember that you are supported and you are loved.

Trust that the answers will come, stay true to yourself and remember that help is always there for you.



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