May 2017

Beauty Warrior

Wouldn’t it be incredible if you could stop the ageing process? Actually it would be nothing short of a miracle!

So for now I’ll settle for trying to slow it down with facials, probes, lasers, lotions and potions - so long as no needles or knives are involved.

The world of Botox and fillers is not for me as quite frankly, the results, combined with no real understanding of the long term effects they might cause, scare the life out of me!

Join me on my quest to:

  1. Try and stop - or at least slow down - those pesky little lines in their tracks!
  2. Help tighten my skin as its elasticity or lack of, is starting to make itself known.
  3. Manage and/or adapt to the inevitable changes to our skin and bodies as we get older.

The next treatment on my quest is the Anti-ageing Grove Facial. This procedure was performed by Sarah Fulcher at The Grove Skin Clinic, Swansea.

This is a prescription signature anti-ageing facial developed at The Grove Skin Clinic which combines a manual facial using clinical skincare and LED light therapy with a collagen boosting mask to give you a relaxing, results-driven facial.

As with the last facial, I wasn’t anxious as I knew it would be pain free and required no down time. So again, this one was a walk in the park.

photo 1photo 2

Here’s the video of the Anti-ageing Grove facial.

LED therapy uses specific colour wavelengths of light which penetrate the skin at varying depths. This stimulates the anti-ageing process, helping to normalise cellular imbalance and improves the skin tone and clarity. The light works by energising cells in the skin to produce collagen, improve elasticity and increase blood circulation and oxygen flow whilst releasing toxins. LED therapy has an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin.

LED therapy causes no pain or discomfort. In fact it is strangely soothing, rather like sunbathing - the light is bright yet comforting and very very relaxing. I can confidently say that this is one facial which is definitely on my “I’ll have another one of those again please!” list.

Getting older may be compulsory. Growing up is entirely optional! No prizes for guessing which way I’m planning to age!


Procedure: Anti-ageing Grove Facial
Clinician: Sarah Fulcher
The Grove Skin Clinic, Swansea
Client: Emma Heaven
Video filmed by: Christie Heaven
Photographer: Christie Heaven
Video edited by: Adrian Heaven
Music: Urban Cookie Collective - The Key, The Secret. After all, I am on a quest to find the key/secret to help my skin look good and slow down the ageing process for as long as possible!

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