May 2017

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Debbie Buss

main photoDebbie Buss started her NHS career in 1995 working for several well known pharmaceutical companies before moving to a local health board.

It was while working there that Debbie had her ‘eureka’ moment and decided to set up a cleaning business.

In 2009, through word of mouth, Debbie picked up her first cleaning contract, progressing to 20 clients within her first year, eventually becoming the Number 1 cleaning company specialising in health centre cleaning.

Debbie’s inner strength and passion for the business soon became a double-edged sword, causing her to burn out and taking the business into liquidation. She couldn’t and wouldn’t allow her staff and clients suffer, so she started afresh with a new business, taking her staff and clients with her, turning the business into the huge success it is today.

With valuable lessons learned and a successful business under her belt, Debbie felt the need to ‘give something back’ and created so she could help others build successful businesses and lives.

For to become a success, Debbie had to strip everything back and find out who exactly she was. Not the mask she was wearing, nor the business woman people thought that she was. It was time to find her true self. Who is Debbie? And how could she effectively help and coach to guide others?

Who better to tell you about her journey and the birth of than Debbie herself:

story photo 1“Just like many of you, my life has been a mixture of highs and lows so I understand what you are going through. I have enjoyed times of great satisfaction and happiness that included creating several successful businesses, winning awards and accolades along the way. But I have also endured the misery of darker days when I couldn’t see a way forward.

It was during one of these low points that I realised deep down in my soul I wasn’t happy with the life I had created for myself. The fleeting moments of success were outweighed by weeks of despair and the combination of my personal and financial situations meant I had finally reached rock bottom.

I was prepared to walk away and leave everything I had worked so hard for during my life including my business that I had sacrificed so much to establish. My whole life was in utter turmoil and nobody else knew.

We often hide our true feelings and just keep functioning from day to day wearing an invisible mask that hides what is going on inside ourselves. So, to everyone else I appeared successful, with a clear focus of where my life was taking me.

However, just like the women I now help, I was frantically searching for ‘who was the real Debbie?’ I felt unfulfilled and realised something was missing, so after many hours of self-reflection I realised I had to make changes and discover my true purpose in life.

Using a variety of therapy techniques, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery that addressed the beliefs I held about myself and questioned my very being. Through this continual quest, I could identify the missing part to my life, and by getting in touch with my ‘inner child’ I was able to discover what was holding me back, whilst at the same time letting my mind dream big to envisage the future I had always wished for.

story photo 2I had extensive experience as a Business Wales Mentor and realised I had an aptitude to inspire and coach others. I was no longer motivated by personal business goals but gained satisfaction from helping others to create and achieve their business dreams. At last I realised my journey through life had led me to this and I knew my mission was to focus on other women who needed help and guidance with their lives.

I now take immense satisfaction and joy from helping other women find their true purpose in life and guide them through a journey of enlightenment. This process is achieved through using a combination of tools and techniques to reveal the true potential hidden deep within them.

There is no magic wand, you must really want to change for it to work and you have to step aside from the normality of your everyday life and commit to living a new life that is rewarding and fulfilling. For these reasons the techniques used may not be suitable for everyone.

Just remember that if you are having a difficult day, so what? Enjoy that slice of cake or glass of wine. Stop asking yourself permission and please don’t feel guilty or be harsh on yourself because there are plenty of others who are only too willing to be critical.

Just be open to what lies ahead and most of all enjoy what will be an exciting and extremely rewarding adventure.

Thankfully by sharing my skills and experience as a successful business owner and mentor I can help every client realise their dreams by building their own successful business and a lifestyle they could only imagine in the past.

story photo 3What sets me apart from other business coaches is the fact that I am a spiritual healer and coach. I am also an inner child healer and Angelic Reiki attuned. Additionally, as an empath I can read energies and auras; I love and work with angels every day.

By being empathic as well as clairsentient I can physically tune into the emotions of a person, animal or even the energies of a place. I am particularly sensitive to large crowds and am adept at picking up on body language or the tone of a voice and the hidden feelings that only an empath can sense from people.

The combination of my business coaching and mentoring experience along with my spiritual coaching and healing abilities enables me to offer women a comprehensive range of skills and services to help them transform their lives.

I want to get my message out there - that with the right support system, anybody can set up and run a business. They can have the relationship that they want - they can have the career that they want - it can be done - especially when you have the right people around you, to support you. Get rid of that fear that you are not good enough - show your emotions - step out and take charge. Just be you - find out who you are and what fulfills you. Don’t be afraid to take the next step - unleash your inhibitions and be amazing.

Everybody has been given a unique gift, and you have to go out there and find out what that gift is. And if I can help only one person change their life then that’s my job done!”

And Debbie’s gift is to help others discover what their gift is.
Women who are unhappy with their lives and believe that there is an alternative which offers success and happiness will find all the help and support they need to achieve this through the coaching programmes.
There are two types of programmes which cater for a variety of women and their aspirations:

1.Universal Business Coaching

This 12-week programme is for those women who are thinking of going into business, or are stuck with a business idea and don’t know the next step. This programme is also for women wanting to escalate their business vision by using results from the inside out. This is a bespoke coaching programme and can be adapted to meet the needs of each individual client.

2.Transition Coaching

This is a 12-week coaching programme designed for women who are on the verge of burnout and are exhausted but must keep going because of family and work commitments. You will discover what is holding you back in life and stopping you from reaching your full potential. This bespoke programme can be customised for each client. Women who have taken this programme have discovered they are passionate about starting their own business and have benefitted further by enrolling on the Universal Business Coaching programme.

Debbie will be hosting a two-day event on December 2nd-3rd 2017 at Swansea University’s Great Hall in SA1, where unstoppable women come together for a common purpose to help change their lives.

“The event is for women who are thinking of, or have already started a business; and we will take them by the hand from idea to the business start up, with expert speakers giving honest accounts of their journey through business.”

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