May 2017

Feed Me

Welcome to your monthly slice of #FoodHeaven: Feed Me.

Welcome back fellow foodies! Are you excited to hear about Feed Me’s latest venture? The column where I - Christie Heaven - will be filling my face with the most mouthwatering treats that South Wales has to offer. You should be!

Nestled in the back of Neath Market in South Wales is a hidden food gem of epic proportions. After the simply wonderful hospitality and a level of food deliciousness to sing and dance about, I feel the need to shout their name from the rooftops.

Thai Food Cafe


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That’s right, our taste buds were transported to Thailand. Being surrounded by the sights and scents of truly authentic Thai dishes, I could barely contain my excitement. I was foodie fangirling for all to see. While the kitchen was prepped we were treated to hot, crisp spring rolls with a sweet, chilli dipping sauce. They fast became the best I have EVER tasted. #DroolWorthy

Once these were devoured we watched the chef work her culinary magic on one of the cafe’s most popular dishes: Pad Krapaow Chicken. Chicken, fresh chillies, green beans, onion, peppers and basil leaves were expertly stir fried, and not forgetting their secret blend of spices and sauces which hold the key to creating the unforgettable taste of this signature dish.


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The authenticity didn’t end there. It was served with the fluffiest boiled rice and a perfect fried egg which sorely challenged my chopstick skills, but boy oh boy, was I anxious to try it. The care and passion the Thai Food Cafe puts into their food is second to none and can be tasted in every mouthful. We’re talking about food FIREWORKS.

The freshness of the vegetables, the richness of the egg, the fragrant zing of the basil, all coated in a sauce which starts with a subtle tingling heat, before gradually developing into a warming spice sensation, all conspired together, to tempt, tantalise and tingle the tastebuds.

Whether you’re a lover of Thai cuisine or a first timer you NEED to visit this humble treasure. You’ll be warmly greeted by the most welcoming of staff and experience a foodie heaven you don’t need to cross the globe for.


Eat in or Takeaway: Thai Food Cafe 18c Neath Market, SA11 3NA
Tel: 07519 962777 See more at their Facebook Page:

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Video Filmed and Edited by Shannon Heaven



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