March 2017

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Let the lifestyles of the fit and fabulous inspire you to achieve the life and body you’ve always wished for...

Tara HammettI can help you transform from feeling miserable, unhealthy and tired to CONFIDENT, full of energy and in LOVE with life.

Make my lifestyle programme your lifestyle programme. Stop blaming and complaining...

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‘You are what you eat’

Chocolate Protein Smoothie

Tara recipeIngredients:

1 Frozen banana
1 Handful raw spinach (I froze mine too)
1 Scoop whey protein
1 Tbsp cocoa
¼ Cup coconut milk
1 Cup water

Sprinkle of chopped nuts for decoration

How To:

Add all the ingredients to a blender and blitz until you get to your desired consistency.

Who said eating healthy had to be boring?
Eat amazing .... because you ARE!

‘Feel the fear - but do it anyway’

We all need someone or something to inspire us, motivate us, encourage us and drive us.

I'm telling you this today as I've been inspired by the girls in my programmes.

They're all amazing.

They're busy.
They have challenges.
They slip up.
They keep going.

Sometimes they hide away for a bit because they're embarrassed that they're not doing so well, but they come back and get back on it.

Most recently, two of the girls REALLY inspired me; and thanks to them, so many of the girls are ramping it up and taking action.

Let's start with Emma.

She posted a photo in the support group of her transformation.

She labelled it TARAnsformation Tuesday.

Soon loads of the other girls were inspired to share their progress.
The enthusiasm was contagious and now we're three days into a 'Declare & Execute' week where we're all doing five small things each day and we'll be feeling the benefits of these daily habits.



Along with many others - said - they were scared at first, couldn’t believe they were showing us their pics, but knew it was a commitment they were making to change, to grab what they want, declaring to achieve their goals.

Top tips

One thing that's really important in life is to show appreciation and gratitude. Sometimes we do things for somebody and we don't know how much it means to them.

Sometimes we show appreciation and give a little thank you and don't know how much it means to the person receiving it.

So a BIG THANK YOU to the girls I've mentioned for inspiring me and helping me to inspire others with your wonderfulness.

Share some appreciation today

  1. Send a text and tell someone you are thinking of them.
  2. Make that call to that person you haven’t seen for a while, but they made an impact on your life.
  3. Before you go to bed tonight, think of three things you are grateful for.


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