March 2017

Feed Me

Welcome to your monthly slice of #FoodHeaven: Feed Me.

Guess who’s back? Feed Me’s back! That’s right, welcome to a fresh and creamy slice of #FoodHeaven. The column where I - Christie Heaven - will be filling my face with the most mouthwatering treats that South Wales has to offer.

Now, I’m gonna have to ask you all to prepare yourselves, because we’re venturing into cake country and heading straight to its capital. Chocolate cake? Nah, we’ve all had one of those; same old, same old... Carrot cake? Mmm, delicious but no. This month ***drumroll please*** we visited the The Raspberry Cakery kitchens - home of the RAINBOW CAKE.

Feed Me Picture 1                 Feed Me Picture 2

Say goodbye to Skittles, there’s another way to taste the rainbow! Six sumptuous layers of moist sponge, each unmistakably awash with a burst of colour, lovingly stacked and held together with helpings of smooth, velvety buttercream.

This cake rose to perfection with a finishing glaze of that buttery, creaminess around the sides and a showered ring of sugary sprinkles on top. #BeatThatMaryBerry


Feed Me Picture 3                 Feed Me Picture 4

Let me do a taste breakdown for you colour by colour! The purple layer was priceless. The blue was blissful. The green was gorgeous. The yellow was yummy. The orange was overwhelming, and the final red layer was ravishing.

In cake conclusion, this colourful creation is the definition of delicious. There were a few scuffles over getting a taste because one slice is simply not enough. I would rename myself Bruce Bogtrotter if it meant I could devour the entire confection! You might not find a leprechaun with a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow but it leaves the prettiest cake crumbs.

Follow The Raspberry Cakery on their Facebook and Twitter to find out more about their sweet delights and their regular appearances at Morriston, Marina and Uplands markets.

You can indulge in a slice of their Rainbow Cake at Copper in 38-39 Castle St, Swansea SA1 1HZ

Do you have a taste sensation for us to try? Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and get in touch!


Video filmed and edited by: Shannon Heaven

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