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‘You are what you eat’

Cauli Muffins

Tara recipeIngredients:

1 head Cauliflower (cooked)
1/4 cup Coconut flour
2 Eggs
1/4 tsp Turmeric

Blitz all the ingredients together. Divide into six silicone muffin cases. Cook at 180°C for 20-25 minutes

Who said eating healthy had to be boring?
Eat amazing .... because you ARE!



‘Feel the fear - but do it anyway’

It's not easy for anyone at any time.

After being asked recently which meal is the toughest one to stay healthy with, there was no clear winner.

Breakfast is hard because there's not enough time, everything's a rush and cereal tastes so good...even though we know it's NOT the best for us, especially if you want to lose weight.

Lunch is hard because you're on the go, don't always have a break, haven't got organised to make anything, grabbing convenience foods and don't know what else to get.

Dinner is a tough one as you don't want to end up making three different meals, kids’ leftovers are hanging around and you get so starving that you just eat too much.

Snacking gets in the way, you mindlessly pick at things and you fancy something sweet after meals.

The main thing to help you combat all of this is....being organised.

We struggle because we don't prepare ourselves.

Making a plan, setting a goal and making sure you eat enough.

For way too long those wanting to lose weight have focused on cutting calories,
restricting food groups, eating too small a portion. Then, when you feel you can't take anymore feeling hungry, deprived and lethargic… BINGE CITY!

And once the binge starts… F**K IT.

Pandora’s box is open and you tell yourself ALL the excuses to keep the lid open.

“Ah it's the weekend…”
“I'm starting a new regime on Monday so I'll make the most of the crap until then…”
“It's someone's birthday… so I may as well join in with the take-away and dessert.”

The truth is you can start to change anything, on any given day, at any time, no matter what you've eaten or drunk before.

All you need to do is make a plan.
Change the way you do things.
Get loads of food in that will support you and take your time with it.

It's a lifestyle. And after years of trying to lose weight, your best and what should be the ONLY way to lose weight and KEEP IT OFF, is to ENJOY how you do it.

Top tips

Here's some quick & easy ideas for you:

I was chatting with one of the guys I train yesterday and he asked for some quick breakfast and lunch ideas:

"I do well with my dinner every night, but most mornings I'm in a rush then I end up calling in the petrol station and grabbing a sandwich. When I go back to work, I've got another sandwich that I asked one of my colleagues to pick up for me."

It's hard when you're a bit disorganised AND hungry.

Most of the easy stuff to pick up tends to be food that doesn't exactly fill you with nutrition or help you towards your weight loss / health goals.

1) Sweet Breakfast: Natural yoghurt, frozen berries and nuts. We've had this twice this week at home mainly because it's so easy and something we're both enjoying and takes very little prep. You can make it quickly at home, put into a container or keep a stock of it in work.

2) Savoury Breakfast: Boiled Eggs, pre-cooked chicken/turkey sausages, spinach. This would take a bit of prep the night before but you could make a few days worth and won't really add any extra time when you're preparing your dinner. Just takes a bit of thought that's all.

3) Sweet Snack: Berries and nuts, or have you tried the Grenade Protein Bars? YUM!

4) Savoury Snack: Veggies & Hummus.

5) Lunch: The easiest option ever when you're in a rush… last night's leftovers. When you're cooking ALWAYS make extra, ready for the next day.

If these ideas help… Let me know.

I've got much much more for you to choose from in my recipe books.

And now I’m going to leave you with an extra special treat for the rest of the month. A little exercise plan that you can do daily…

Enjoy watching and please join in…


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