December 2017

Feed Me

Welcome to your monthly slice of #FoodHeaven: Feed Me.


Hello, hello fellow foodies, welcome back to another delectable edition of #FeedMe! The column where I - Christie Heaven - will be filling my face with the most mouthwatering treats that South Wales has to offer.

Let’s be honest here, when you’re looking for a special breakfast or some cheeky brunch the first British instinct is to make a dash for the nearest fry-up, complete with a hot cuppa. BUT, what if your taste buds are crying out for something new? something different? Don’t worry, I’ve already found you just the right place!

Arthur Neave, is a tantalising combination of cafe, grocer and caterer, serving you a delicious, brand new breakfast and brunch menu. After savouring their quality dishes pick those artisan ingredients straight from the shelves to try for yourself. What more could a discerning foodie want?


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The weather outside was frightful and, oh my readers, there was a dish on their menu that sounded so delightful. I simply had to try it. Baked eggs in Moroccan spiced tomato and red pepper sauce, with a home-baked slice of sourdough bread. Just reading it warmed the cockles of my heart and I knew I’d be in for a treat.

Accompanied by one of the friendliest chefs I’ve met, I watched my idea of brunch heaven transform. The sauce was first warmed in a skillet pan and two eggs were cracked straight on top, ready to be baked in the oven. I may or may not have drooled watching those eggs bubble into perfection...why have I not thought to bake my eggs before? Once cooked, a generous chunk of sourdough bread was sliced from their fresh baked loaves and a sprinkling of herbs completed the dish.


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It tasted just how I’d hoped. The deliciousness of warm, spiced tomato paired with sweet, red pepper whisked me off to a breakfast served in the sun. The oozing richness of egg complimented the Moorish kick, all sensually seeping into the airy, moist sourdough that you could keep on dipping. This dish was a simple one but packed with flavour and most definitely a contender to beat the fry-up for my breakfast of choice.

And if you’re looking for something a little stronger than coffee with your brunch, they have some classic cocktail thirst quenchers, such as a Bloody Mary or Kir Royale.

Arthur Neave is a cafe with a vision, creating quality food with locally-sourced products and sumptuous flavours that you don’t have to leave behind. Besides their brunch menu you can sample their freshly prepared toasties, selection of sweet treats and pastries, and their Tapas nights!

Break with British breakfast tradition and experience the taste of Arthur Neave at 27 Walter Road, SA1 5NN Swansea.

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Video filmed and edited by: Shannon Heaven

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