August 2017

Feed Me

Welcome to your monthly slice of #FoodHeaven: Feed Me.

Welcome back fellow foodies to the fifth edition of #FeedMe! The column where I - Christie Heaven - will be filling my face with the most mouthwatering treats that South Wales has to offer.



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Team Heaven partied hard into the wee small hours at our first annual ƎH Awards. Between the specialised cocktails and delicious buffet catered by The Hyst, our sweet-toothed guests could also tuck into an entire cupcake menu! #TalkAboutSpoiled

The Raspberry Cakery delighted us once more with their delectable deliciousness creating an array of tantalising flavours. The cocktail cupcakes burst with flavours of strawberry mojito, raspberry bellini and pina colada, all perfectly topped with the magazine’s distinctive ƎH logo. That’s not all! Rhian Daniels dipped her hands into many sweet jars to deliver a British sweet bonanza of old school classics: popping candy, wham bars, dolly mixtures and (my personal favourite) candy floss!

Photo 2

These bite size wonders of the cupcake kingdom were heavenly to eat and our party guests thought so too.

Thank you to Fat Yankee, The Raspberry Cakery, The Hyst and The Thai Food Cafe for being a part of this growing food adventure. I solemnly swear not to stop delivering and devouring until all the droolworthy treats of Wales have been tried and tasted.


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Video filmed and edited by: Shannon Heaven

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