September 2016

It's All About Me

Some people wear clothes because they have to. They get up, put something on and off they go.

I love the way clothes make me feel - the confidence they give me - the way they can reflect or transform my mood.

I think with age comes confidence - when you start to feel comfortable in your own skin - when you don’t really care what other people think - when you start to dress for you.

I want to live longer by being fit and healthy and looking after myself.

I care about my appearance and want to make the most of what Mother Nature gave me.

I have a lifelong interest in fashion and beauty and I surround myself with fabulous friends who have come with me on this incredible journey.

Life’s too short to not glam up and party and I want to share my passion for fashion with you... so welcome to my world.

LoveEmma Heaven

Photo shoot 1This month kicked off with our photo and video shoot which was in support of the wonderful charity ‘Jeans For Genes Day’ which takes place on September 23rd.

There are between 4,000 and 6,000 diagnosed genetic disorders and it is estimated that one in 25 children is affected by a genetic disorder and therefore 30,000 babies and children are newly diagnosed in the UK each year.

Some genetic disorders are apparent at birth while others are diagnosed at different stages throughout childhood, and sometimes into adulthood.

The money raised on Jeans for Genes Day funds a range of initiatives that improve the quality of life of children and families affected by genetic disorders.

To get involved please visit the website Wear jeans - change lives!

Photo shoot

To prepare for the shoot I visited Irresistible beauty where Rebecca created some lovely sparkly indigo-coloured nails to compliment the denim I would be wearing.

With the nails completed, I returned to the studio where Hilary and Jenna turned their creative ideas into reality. On with the jeans - handbag ready - and on to set where the team really put me through my paces. They posed me into positions I honestly thought I couldn’t get into, which you can see for yourself! The video is available in Lights...Camera...Action...and the photos are in Love It! Rock It! Own It!.

fat yankeeThe following day I went to Fat Yankee American Diner with Tara to have a victory lunch as another milestone in my weightloss journey was reached. It took us a good 20 minutes just to pick out which meal we were going to have. Such well-earned treats cannot be rushed! I chose the pulled pork fires and Tara went with the meatball fries. They were to die for...and I cannot wait to return to sample some more deliciously decadent goodies.

With a very satisfied tummy, I made my way to Pimped Up Pins hair salon for a hair colour and blowdry, followed by a quick visit home to load the suitcases into the car before heading off to Heathrow airport, where we were flying from to the Seychelles to celebrate our 25th Silver wedding anniversary.

SeychellesAs soon as we landed on Mahe Island we were transferred by boat to our tropical paradise island, full of lush vegetation, beautiful beaches and some really cute giant tortoises.

Once settled in our beach villa, we made our way to the bar to sample the cocktails (well it would be rude not to - and as Jodie Grove says in this month’s column, it’s important to stay hydrated!), and so the fun and relaxation began.

The snorkeling was great, where we did some underwater filming, following the fish along the reef. It always takes my breath away when you first approach the reef and see all the beautiful colours of the corals and the fish darting about.

Seychelles 1

On the day of our anniversary I was treated to an oriental massage, followed by champagne on the beach and a romantic dinner. Unfortunately Adrian was taken ill the following day and so ended the fun and relaxation.

Once we were back in the country, with Adrian recovering slowly, it was time to get my ‘work head’ back on. And what better way to do that with a video shoot with the LWA?! Armed with lots of fizz, I was joined by Wendy Thomas, Kirsti Thomas and our guest panelist Vicky Liney, to discuss all the mad (desperate) things we had done to diet and slim into the perfect pair of jeans.

They really lifted me from any holiday blues and we laughed hard! You can see and hear all our ridiculous antics in Ladies with Attitude.

Another great post-holiday pick me up was my interview with Cross Stitch Bitch herself. She regaled me with some fabulous stories of how she started her business, her naughtiest stitches and lots of secrets which you can read about in Destination #FH Avenue.

Another month over and now I’m helping my son Oliver to pack as he’s leaving for Bird College of Dance, Music & Theatre Performance (‘Bird College’) this month and I’m really going to miss him.

Until next time...
Don’t be a stranger...

LoveEmma Heaven


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