October 2016

Josh Thompson

In this monthly column, I’m going to write from a male’s perspective about the many and varied happenings in the world of fashion.

At no point will I tell you how to dress. I’ll just bring you the wonderful, colourful people who live and breathe fashion and style.

Josh Thompson I will be covering male grooming, hair and skincare, fragrance, fashion, tips on style, and people who I think dress exceptionally well.

On a personal note, I do like to get dressed up and look smart when I have an event or night out - but I also love nothing more than my comfy chilling out clothes!



Instagram Icons

Every month I highlight profiles I believe will bring eclectic, awe-inspiring photos and happiness to your Instagram feed.


Renan Pacheco

Renan Pacheo

Renan is a French actor and film director, who comes complete with classic French good looks and long flowing locks (so yeah, probably best not to introduce him to your partner.) There is no getting away from the fact this chap is outstandingly good looking and has a great fashion sense.

His acting career is in its infancy and both productions he's featured in are French. He's been in a short film in 2014 and more recently a series called Falco.

His Instafeed is divided between Parisian sights, photos of himself and day to day life. Yet again I feel myself turning green with envy - his style, hair and life in general would make anybody want to up their style game.



Pinpoint the look:

  • Plain black tee.
  • Smart brogues/chelate boots.
  • Denim/leather jackets.
  • Ripped or distressed jeans.

Instagram @iamrenanpacheco


Toni Mahfud

Toni Mahfud

This guy should be no secret to anyone as he has a whopping 2.3 million followers on his personal Instagram account. If you don’t know this chap you really should take a look.

Toni - from Hamburg, Germany - is a mere 21 years old, which is slightly worrying as that’s the same age as myself, but don't fret, I'm not feeling in a competitive mood.

He is a model, traveller, influencer, blogger, artist and all round cool dude; so yeah he’s kinda busy. I find his drawings absolutely outstanding - the colours and techniques he uses are truly breathtaking.

You can check them out on his blog:-

Pinpoint the look:

  • Indy style.
  • Relaxed fit
  • Denim and shearling.
  • Ripped and distressed tees.
  • Bracelets and long necklaces.

Instagram @tonimahfud


Real Men Read

Real men read

There’s a slight change of pace this month, as I move away from reading a book and delve into the wonderful world of magazines.

GQ dropped their 23rd issue of style magazine, “The Ultimate Guide To Men’s Fashion”.

This issue’s main story is an informative interview between American fashion designer, film director, screenwriter and film producer, Tom Ford and the actor Jake Gyllenhaal. The magazine also features some of the year’s best runway shows from New York, London, Milan and Paris. There is an array of clothes, shoes, cars and everything style related to devour. In fact there is a little bit of everything included. It is a very good read and well worth taking a look at.




Product Picks

Product pickThis month’s product comes straight from the top drawer of names in fashion and fragrance; Christian Dior. The brand is ultra high class and doesn't get much better.

The fragrance is relatively new, but I've been wearing it for a number of months now. I love the early stage of a fragrance launch, when it’s not very well known and not many people are wearing it. There really is nothing worse than smelling exactly the same as everyone else else! #FirstWorldProblems

It makes a great day or night fragrance and suits all occasions. So go for it and treat yourself to a great scent.



Look of the month

Look of the month

I like to sign off at the end of the month with a picture of one my favourite outfits I've worn recently.

  • Long sleeve top: All Saints.
  • Bracelet: Pandora.
  • Watch: Hugo Boss.
  • Jeans: Hera London.
  • Chelsea boots: Kurt Geiger.




I hope you find these tips, Insta-characters and products to be useful and you’ve enjoyed this month’s read.
See you next month..

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