October 2016

It's All About Me

Some people wear clothes because they have to. They get up, put something on and off they go.

I love the way clothes make me feel - the confidence they give me - the way they can reflect or transform my mood.

I think with age comes confidence - when you start to feel comfortable in your own skin - when you don’t really care what other people think - when you start to dress for you.

I want to live longer by being fit and healthy and looking after myself.

I care about my appearance and want to make the most of what Mother Nature gave me.

I have a lifelong interest in fashion and beauty and I surround myself with fabulous friends who have come with me on this incredible journey.

Life’s too short to not glam up and party and I want to share my passion for fashion with you... so welcome to my world.

LoveEmma Heaven

Picture 3It was a sad start to the month when Adrian and I took our youngest son to London, where he will be living for the next year while studying at Bird Dance College. And even though we already miss him terribly, it’s also wonderful to see him follow and live his dream.

The traffic en route was a nightmare - especially once we hit London - I think I lost the will to live! And when we arrived at the student halls of residence, we had to schlep all of his worldly possessions across the car park and up two flights of steps! Note to self: ‘cancel weightlifting and aerobic training for the next week - mission already accomplished!’

Saying goodbye was really emotional, and to round of an already long day, we had the joy of the return drive home to look forward to!

The house was really quiet and strange for the next few days, so it was a much welcomed distraction and a relief when our Ministry Of Glamour’s competition winner Yvonne arrived for her photo shoot.

To say she was nervous is an understatement! However, once we started the glamorous transformation, aided and abetted by lots of fizz, Yvonne soon relaxed and really started to enjoy the experience. It was heartwarming to see her confidence grow as the shoot progressed. But I won’t divulge any more details here. Head on over to The Ministry Of Glamour to read more about Yvonne’s story and see the incredible photos from the shoot. You can also find out there how you too could join The Ministry Of Glamour.

The following week I had a focus day with my nieces Christie and Shannon who are the latest members to join #teamheaven. Christie heads up the social media team and Shannon is responsible for filming and producing the website and social media graphics. The two of them bring so much talent and enthusiasm to the table - and I cannot wait to unleash all our mad ideas on you all!

Keep your eyes peeled for some fabulous new features coming soon!!!

After such a productive week it was time to interview Carolyn Gammon who features in this month’s ‘In The Spotlight’. Carolyn’s story not only touched my heart - but listening to her and how she is dealing with the hand that life has dealt her was very humbling. Please read and share her story as this wonderful, brave woman needs all the help she can get.

With the end of the month fast approaching it was photo shoot time. It comes around so quickly!

Picture 1Picture 2

This month is our Halloween Issue and I had only one idea in mind - Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’! This was going to be our biggest production to date - so a LOT of preparation was needed.

First was the venue - the location shoot for filming was Coast on Swansea’s High Street. As always, Danny and his staff were ready, willing and able for anything we could throw at them - and boy did we throw a lot!

No production of this type would be complete without the ridiculously talented, all-female dance troupe, Velvet Lane. They choreographed a fabulous dance routine and individual zombie performances that were oh so funny and ever so realistic.

A visit to Rebecca at Irresistible Beauty resulted in some stunning, suitably blood-red nails. And with Hilary and Jenna waiting in the wings to be unleashed on me with their creative genius, we were good to go.

As night-time fell, #teamheaven descended on Coast with cameras, lights, smoke machines and zombies!

What we created that night was beyond fabulous! It was a real ‘thriller’ to to see my ideas leap off the drawing board and become a reality.

Picture 4Picture 5Picture 6

Everyone there gave 100% and the atmosphere was electric!

You really need to head over to Love It! Rock It! Own It! to see the striking images from this shoot - and - Lights...Camera...Action to see the behind the scenes film. I promise you, you will not be disappointed.

How on earth will we top this one? Don’t worry - next month we have another corker - and I cannot wait to share it with you. Filming has already begun and another visual feast for the eyes will be with you soon.

Until next time...
Don’t be a stranger... or a zombie!

LoveEmma Heaven


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