November 2016

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‘You are what you eat’

You know when you've got almost NOTHING in your cupboards...? well that's me this morning.

Like having a baby wasn't stressful enough, we've decided to move home as well.

So even more pressure, deadlines, contacting people to help, moving stuff, buying stuff.

So that's why I KNEW I needed to plan each day as best as I can.

Less hours working, but I'm going to be extra focused when I am - then time spent on the house.

For a mo it means our eating routine will be out of the window a bit.

I haven't been shopping and this morning for breakfast it was a bit of a 'throw-it-together-and-hope-for-the-best' creation.

But I thought:

What's FAST?
What's EASY?
What do I fancy?

You are what you eatLuckily we had eggs, apples and some nut butter so I've got my protein, carbs and fats in.

Could have done with something green in there, but I'll have to do that later.

So I thought today I'd give you some tips on food that is fast, easy, on-the-go style.

Some of these you can buy whilst dashing around, the others you can grab from home
and you could prep knowing you've got a ‘dashy’ day ahead.

Idea #1 Boiled eggs, an apple and 6-8 nuts.

Idea #2 Cold meat (chicken, ham, beef) with cherry tomatoes, carrot batons & some hummus.

Idea #3 Protein shake, piece of fruit.

Idea #4 Chocolate Protein Bar (Try Grenade, Quest, Atkins)

Idea #5 Two rice/corn cakes, thinly sliced cheese (or try prawns/smoked salmon/cold meat).

You could even weigh out some oats, put them in a tupperware container and add some hot water.

If you had any of the above with a coffee, tea or lemon water these should keep you going until your next meal.

All of the above are balanced mini meals with protein, fats & carbs so you'll know you're staying on track and still nailing all those jobs you've got to do in a day.

Ok... next up, I'm off to do a PT session then I'll be hoovering spiders webs and buying some furniture online.


Who said eating healthy had to be boring?
Eat amazing .... because you ARE!

‘Feel the fear - but do it anyway’

What are you going to achieve with the remaining weeks of 2016?

Are you happy with your progress so far? Whether it be health/fitness/business or career goals.

Many make resolutions every year, and repeat them annually!

Stand out from the crowd and make an impact, set goals and achieve them. Make your list of what you want to achieve and set out a plan on how you are going to get there.

Start ahead of the game when the bells ring out 2016 and bring in 2017, be happy, healthy and confident in your choices.

Click on the link below and download my free ticklist don’t fear change, embrace it!!

‘Knowledge is power’

Top tips for awesome smoothies

#1 Add protein - Whey, greek yoghurt.
#2 Add your fats - nuts, avocado, coconut.
#3 Add your nutrition - spinach, kale, cucumber, romaine, ANY veggie really.
#4 Stick to low sugar fruit - strawberries, blueberries, raspberries.
#5 The high sugar sneaks in when you add things like bananas, mango, grapes or pineapple for example.

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