November 2016

It's All About Me

Some people wear clothes because they have to. They get up, put something on and off they go.

I love the way clothes make me feel - the confidence they give me - the way they can reflect or transform my mood.

I think with age comes confidence - when you start to feel comfortable in your own skin - when you don’t really care what other people think - when you start to dress for you.

I want to live longer by being fit and healthy and looking after myself.

I care about my appearance and want to make the most of what Mother Nature gave me.

I have a lifelong interest in fashion and beauty and I surround myself with fabulous friends who have come with me on this incredible journey.

Life’s too short to not glam up and party and I want to share my passion for fashion with you... so welcome to my world.

LoveEmma Heaven

Bellatrix 1Bellatrix 2This month began with a focus day with #teamheaven members Christie and Shannon. We came up with some fabulous ideas for shoots which will see us well into spring next year. These have got us so excited, that we can’t wait for them to happen, however we don’t want to wish our lives away!

Another great idea to come out of this day is the new feature Fashionscope. Sometimes the world of fashion takes itself way too seriously - so this was our chance to have a little fun and to explore how the Fashion gods inspire us - just make sure you have a sense of humour before reading this feature! A special thank you to Shannon Heaven for creating the stunning visuals and for heeding my warning that if Capricorn wasn’t the best, I’d confiscate her computer! After all, Jesus was a Capricorn - so we are the blessed ones!

With the magazine growing so fast, my life has become very hectic, so I decided that to save my - and my family’s - sanity I would hire a cleaner as it was becoming very apparent that there were just not enough hours in the day. Step forward the life saving Clean Queens. I discovered them when one of my friends was raving about them on Facebook. So I gave them a call to tell them what I was after - and now I cannot imagine life without them! Reminds me of the Snow White internet meme which did the rounds: “It doesn’t bother me that Disney gave us unrealistic expectations about men. I’m more annoyed that no matter how much I sing, woodland animals have not once helped with the housework!” Tidy house - tidy mind!

Bellatrix 3Bellatrix 4Bellatrix 5

And please remember last month’s In The Spotlight - we featured the lovely Carolyn Gammon and her plight to raise money for her life-extending cancer drugs.

To help support this wonderful, brave, lovely woman, wife and mother, please visit her Go Fund Me page: where you can follow and help with her fundraising efforts on Facebook. Plus we’ll keep you updated here on

This month’s In The Spotlight interview is with the fabulous psychic Angie Barnett from Chriswick. She reveals how she discovered and developed her family’s psychic gift. I was absolutely fascinated with her story and I know she will also captivate you.

Bellatrix 6Bellatrix 7Angie also joined us on the LWA panel this month where we discussed all things supernatural, whether we believed in life after death and the gift of psychic powers. Check out how the discussion went in this month’s video with the Ladies With Attitude.

Keeping with this supernatural theme and with the imminent release of the new Harry Potter movie - Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them - we used this as the inspiration for this month’s photo and video shoot. Head over to Love It! Rock It! Own It!, to see me live out Bellatrix Lestrange’s worst nightmare - a Ministry Of Glamour makeover. And watch the hilarious video of the before and after shoot in Lights...Camera...Action...

I’m off now to get ready for my holiday. If only I had Bellatrix’s wand to do our holiday packing...or wiggle my nose, like Samantha, Bewitched-style! I’m escaping to Mauritius for sun and relaxation before returning home to face the onslaught of the Christmas festivities.

Until next time...
Don’t be a stranger...

LoveEmma Heaven


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