June 2016

Destination #FH Avenue

Welcome to Destination #FH Avenue

This is the place for businesses to be, and to be seen. This month I am shining the spotlight on these fabulous businesses…


Grove clinic main photo

Jodie Grove began her career as a paediatric specialist nurse, continuing in that profession for fifteen years.

Realising she wanted a change of direction, she wanted something completely different, as the world of nursing had been emotionally and physically intense, so Jodie dipped her toes into the world of interior design. However, after four years, Jodie felt she needed another change, something to get her teeth stuck into.

She asked herself “what else can I do? what am I good at?” and “how can I incorporate that into a business?” Jodie looked at her nursing skills and her passion for medical aesthetics; this, coupled with friends and people she knew wanted treatments, acted as a catalyst to begin her training to become an Advanced Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner.

Jodie has a huge interest in skin and skin health, so after completing her medical aesthetics training she went mobile for six months before opening The Grove Clinic. Jodie wanted the clinic to be different to others, and purchased a laser machine - concentrating on skin as a whole, which naturally lead to her becoming a skin specialist.

Jodie wanted to educate people about their skin. To encourage them to look after it and invest in it with quality skin care products and results driven procedures. She spent a lot of time reviewing products to make sure they were medically backed.

Everybody who enters the clinic gets the ‘skin chat’, as Jodie firmly believes you need to start with good skin - and whatever your budget - the first port of call is the fabulous quality skin care range Environ stocked at the clinic. This starts to address any problems or concerns you have with your skin, before moving on to tweak little things with the vast range of treatments on offer, as we are now far more aware of what the environment does to our skin, especially sun damage and this needs to be tackled.

The clinic has a range of technologies unique to them. The biggie is the NeoGen Plasma Skin Regeneration which Jodie loves and says is like her ‘third child!’ And it’s the only one in Wales. The NeoGen is a revolutionary system which improves photo-damaged skin bringing fresher, firmer, more youthful looking skin, improving fine lines and sun damage. There are very few technologies which can safely be used around the delicate eye area, including the eyelids. And it’s the only treatment with a proven record of generating new skin, successfully delivering results and improvements for up to a year after the initial treatment.

So how does this procedure work? The NeoGen system converts Nitrogen gas into plasma energy which emerges from the handpiece in controlled pulses causing rapid heating of tissue. The treated photo-damaged skin layers undergo a controlled thermal modification, creating new life for the skin at its foundation, replacing old damaged collagen and elastin.

This clinic stands at the cutting edge of technology. Jodie believes she now has the full toolbox of treatments to offer her clients, with the NeoGen being the icing on the cake!

The clinic is nurse-lead, which means Jodie can prescribe like a doctor for a skin condition - e.g. prescribing antibiotics and steroids - which reassures clients that they are dealing with a reputable, knowledgeable and highly-trained professional. The staff who work at the clinic are also highly-trained skincare specialists.

Jodie believes that they are outgrowing the clinic, so plans are in place to expand the current clinic. However, looking at how quickly the business is building, Jodie can see them outgrowing that in the foreseeable future, and her plan is moving towards her opening another larger clinic.

The Grove Clinic - experts in the field of Skin Health, Aesthetics and Advanced Beauty - is based in Gowerton, Swansea. They offer a variety of advanced safe treatments to address many skin concerns - examples include skin peels, medical needling and prescription facials. Their aim is not only to make you look good, but to make you feel great as well.

Jodie believes we should stop wasting our money and to ditch the gimmicky products. Invest in quality skin care which has PROVEN results and you will see a huge difference because as she so rightly asks, “who isn’t bothered about their skin?”

The clinic wants to provide results through exceptional skincare products, aesthetics and advanced beauty treatments, with client safety and satisfaction being a priority. They offer a unique client journey and experience in a relaxing, luxurious environment, building a loyal, lasting relationship with all their clients. So make sure you pay Jodie and her team a visit at The Grove Clinic and embark on your ‘skin journey’ with them - you’ll never look back!

I started my ‘skin journey’ with The Grove Clinic just over six weeks ago and I cannot emphasise enough, just how much they have changed and improved my skin.

You can read all about my ‘skin journey’ with them in Stop Wishing... Start Doing...

AND, in other news! Jodie Grove joins emmaheaven.com in June as our resident ‘Skin Doctor’ columnist.

How exciting is that?!

She will be imparting her extensive knowledge on how to achieve fabulous skin. And if you’re anything like me, you’ll be hanging onto her every word!

Jodie - welcome on board - and let the fun begin...

Grove Clinic

Grove Clinic

Destination #FH Avenue
Grove Clinic

Grove Clinic

Destination #FH Avenue
Grove Clinc

Grove Clinc

Destination #FH Avenue


My showcase main photo

I met Julie Sullivan many moons ago when I became a consultant for The Body Shop. Julie was the Direct Development Manager for Wales and had worked her way right to the top!

Julie was a young single mum, had just come out of a divorce and needed a job that would fit in around her son and lifestyle. She wanted to meet people as she felt quite isolated. Once she had started, she fell in love with it, became a success and the added bonus of finding it a lucrative career choice. She met lots of people and built herself a great team and has never looked back!

In her 21 year direct selling career, Julie has worked for Virgin Cosmetics, Oriflame, Relive, Creative Memories, Pampered Chef, and in amongst all of that, Julie also opened two Curve gyms for ladies.

Along the grapevine, Julie heard about myshowcase.com, took a sneaky peek at their website and thought - OMG, this is going to be huge! She secured a meeting with Nancy Cruickshank and Rodrigo Dauster - two of the founders who were so inspiring and exciting - she envisioned a great future ahead. And so far, so fabulous! Julie is the National Sales Director and how proud of my friend am I? So so proud!

myshowcase.com is a personal beauty shopping service. It is a fresh and contemporary way of discovering independent beauty brands with friends at home, in the workplace or online.

Each of their 40+ brands has been carefully selected and curated by their co-founder and Beauty Editor, Kate Shapland. This ensures that you are getting the best in beauty. Some of the brands featured include Wild About Beauty, Antonia Burrell and New CID.

Beauty changes very quickly - it is so innovative and fast paced - and these inspirational brands keep up to date with all the latest trends.

On average a woman spends about £100,000 on beauty products during their lifetime! And myshowcase.com want to be your beauty ‘go to’, where they offer you expert advice, the best brands and many different ways to purchase them.

The 40+ brands are a mixture of well-being products, skincare, makeup, body care, and home fragrance. There is something for everyone, and with an eclectic range of products to choose from, you will feel like a kid let loose in a candy shop!

So how can you purchase from myshowcase.com?

You can host a Showcase, where a Stylist will bring along all the latest products for you and your friends to discover and buy. You as the host receive a 20% discount plus gift vouchers.* (please see the website for details).

You can host a Shakeup, which is a more guided tour from the Stylist, where you can try all the different products, and again you as the host are rewarded with a 20% gift voucher to splurge on products for up to seven days after your Shakeup.* (please see the website for details).

There is no cost nor obligation to buy anything. So if you are interested in hosting a Showcase or a Shakeup you can contact Julie Sullivan who will put you in touch with your local Stylist.


They have recently launched a new way to shop called Myshowcase VIP which starts with an online consultation where you fill in your beauty must haves, favourite brands, and quick questions about your beauty regime, eye colour, hair colour etc. That way, they get to know you and then based on that information they will send you your personalised beauty recommendations. You can decide whether you want those products monthly, every other week, quarterly - the options are endless.

One of my favourite features of this service is when they send you the recommendations - they tell you why they chose those particular products for you. You are given the option to buy them or edit them. A totally revolutionary concept!

And you can shop straight off the website with all the products being beautifully packaged and delivered to your front door.

This innovative company also offers you the chance to earn money and build a fabulous business by becoming a Stylist. When you sign up as a stylist you will receive a fabulous beauty kit, free training and support, and the chance to earn 15% - 30% commission on all products you sell at your Showcases/Shakeups and online. It’s up to you how many or how few Showcases/Shakeups you run. The more you do, the more you earn!

For more details about becoming a Stylist please contact Julie Sullivan.


The company’s vision is:

  • To enable every woman to MAKE BEAUTY HER BUSINESS;
  • To SUPPORT women by helping them start a beauty business tailored to their lifestyle;
  • To provide customers with a PERSONAL and professional SOCIAL SHOPPING experience and access to brands that they may not yet have discovered; and
  • To build a platform for INDEPENDENT BEAUTY brands to sell their products through a network of passionate and experienced stylists.

I am so excited about this company that I have booked my own Showcase with Julie Sullivan and will report back to you on all the fun we have trying out all these fabulous products. I love discovering new products plus I get to spend the evening with friends drinking fizz. What more can a lady ask for?!

Dear Julie, during our friendship we’ve been through tough times and good times. We’ve laughed together, we’ve cried together. We’ve even travelled the world together. We’ve seen each other reach our goals, achieve our dreams and live life to the full.

Now that’s a true friendship.

Julie Sullivan - you are no ‘Fickle Friend’!!! xxx

My Showcase

My Showcase

Destination #FH Avenue
My Showcase

My Showcase

Destination #FH Avenue
My Showcase

My Showcase

Destination #FH Avenue

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