December 2016

Josh Thompson

In this monthly column, I’m going to write from a male’s perspective about the many and varied happenings in the world of fashion.

At no point will I tell you how to dress. I’ll just bring you the wonderful, colourful people who live and breathe fashion and style.

Josh Thompson I will be covering male grooming, hair and skincare, fragrance, fashion, tips on style, and people who I think dress exceptionally well.

On a personal note, I do like to get dressed up and look smart when I have an event or night out - but I also love nothing more than my comfy chilling out clothes!



Instagram Icons

Every month I highlight profiles I believe will bring eclectic, awe-inspiring photos and happiness to your Instagram feed.

Nick Wooster

Nick Wooster

Nickelson Wooster, born in the USA. Is and has been for some time, a major player in the world of men’s fashion. He has directed some of the very biggest and best brands out there such as Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren to name drop a few.

In more recent years Nick has been consulting for some large brands along with turning his personal image alongside his social media pages into a masterclass of style.

The man has a seriously cool life which has seen some truly great collaborations such as Alfred Sargent and Leffot. Nick also teamed up to bring the world a brogue and boot shoe decked out completely in camouflage. My personal favourite was his work in 2015 with renowned international jewellers Tiffany & Co which saw Nick showcase the new Tiffany CT60 watch to the world.

I seriously recommend checking out this guy’s Instafeed.

Pinpoint the look:

  • Runway-style, left field fashion.
  • Blazers with cropped trousers or shorts.
  • Wool and other heavy fabrics.

Instagram @nickwooster

Ben Dahlhaus

Ben dahlhaus

Mr Dahlhaus is a model, blogger and full time lecturer in how to dress everyday for any occasion.

There really isn't a style or outfit that this guy cannot pull off. His Instagram is a wardrobe chock-a-block with choices for whatever day-to-day or special event you have to tog up for. There is always an outfit of choice to pull off your desired look.

Ben hails from Hamburg and uses this to influence some of his clothing and outfit choices.

If I was to sum up his style it would be similar to that of David Beckham. And let’s be fair, praise doesn’t come much higher than that!

Pinpoint the look:

  • Denim leather and other tough materials.
  • Can rock the hell out a plain white tee.
  • Flat farmer hats.
  • Wide and low neck tops.

Instagram @bendahlhausofficial

Real Men Read

Real men read

For this month’s read I took a little journey back in time to catch up on Mr Porter “The Manual For A Stylish Life Volume Two.” I’ve previously read and talked about Volume Three of this trilogy and enjoyed it so much, I figured how could it be anything but as fantastic as the last one I read?

I’m happy to report that yes this book is every bit as splendid as Volume Three. It covers everything you could possibly need in the world of men’s fashion, and because it’s from Mr Porter, you are guaranteed it will showcase only the very best of style, substance and class. Or as the book’s publicity says “men we admire combine with pieces on the world's best restaurants and furniture designers and advice on everything from how to score a penalty to getting the perfect dimple in your tie.”

This book delivers in bucket loads from Mr Jake Bugs to desk lamps and absolutely everything you would need in-between, delivered in excellent taste. Just go out and buy the entire trilogy! It will not be money misspent if you’re a style and fashion conscious man who needs and wants to make all the right decisions.

Product Picks

Product pickI am a man and I love candles! There, I said it. Don’t judge me! When it comes to candles, my pick - like so many other people’s - is Yankee Candles, for the pure, plain and simple reason, they smell fantastic. My personal favourites come from the white collection of Clean Cotton, Baby Powder and Fresh Linen.

I was incandescent (geddit?!) to discover they have a slightly more masculine range in the form of black glass, with fragrances such as Barbershop and Hair Tonic. And it’s the latter which is flickering and merrily burning away whilst I write this month’s column, making my room smell outstanding. What with the smell and more masculine packaging, overall it makes for an aesthetically pleasing sensation!

Look of the month

Look of the month

Look of the month 1

I like to sign off at the end of the month with a picture of one my favourite outfits I've worn recently.

  • Leather jacket - River island.
  • Shirt - Zara Man.
  • Jeans - Calvin Klein.
  • Chelsea boots - Kurt Geiger.

Ihope you find these tips, Insta-characters and products to be useful and you’ve enjoyed this month’s read.
See you next month...

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