December 2016

It's All About Me

Some people wear clothes because they have to. They get up, put something on and off they go.

I love the way clothes make me feel - the confidence they give me - the way they can reflect or transform my mood.

I think with age comes confidence - when you start to feel comfortable in your own skin - when you don’t really care what other people think - when you start to dress for you.

I want to live longer by being fit and healthy and looking after myself.

I care about my appearance and want to make the most of what Mother Nature gave me.

I have a lifelong interest in fashion and beauty and I surround myself with fabulous friends who have come with me on this incredible journey.

Life’s too short to not glam up and party and I want to share my passion for fashion with you... so welcome to my world.

LoveEmma Heaven

all about me 1all about met’s been a very busy month and we’ve had to squeeze a lot of work into a short space of time as I was jetting off to Mauritius for some much needed sun and relaxation.

First up was the Ladies With Attitude (LWA) filming, with Christmas as the hot topic. The ladies were on top form, and this month we were joined by the gorgeous Rebecca Clark from Irresistible Beauty. There was talk of going totally OTT on the food and drink, supermarket hell and really bad presents. Head over to The Ladies With Attitude and watch all the festive fun. (WARNING - this video contains naughty language and adult humour!).

Next up was an interview with the talented singer Martin Broad, who also stars in this month’s photo and video shoot. Martin is an absolute riot. He’s fun, loves a good laugh, has a wicked sense of humour and can give as good as he gets. There were many laughs and risque stories (most which cannot be printed for fear of offending people!). You can read Martin’s interview in In The Spotlight.

Speaking of In The Spotlight, I was thrilled to read this update from Carolyn Gammon, whom we shone the spotlight on recently.

Carolyn facebook post

This really put a smile on my face and I will continue to keep you updated on Carolyn’s journey and progress with the fundraising.

With the shoot looming it was time to get everything prepared. First up was a visit to Rebecca at Irresistible Beauty to get my holographic nails done - they were absolutely stunning, very eye catching and complimented my fabulous Chanel jacket.

all about me 2The shoot took place at Coast on High Street, Swansea. All ready to get ‘suited and booted’ we arrived armed with a laser light show, smoke machines, a hundred giant sparklers, Pat McGrath’s new makeup (Jenna was so excited), singer Martin Broad and a wicked outfit.



Jenna got to work on the makeup while the lighting rig and equipment were set up - it was all hands on deck.

Once Jenna had finished working her magic, it was time for Hilary to weave her magic to create a tower of curls on my head. Once the shoot was over and hometime beckoned I couldn’t even fit in the car - my hair was that big! A Popemobile would’ve been just the ticket!

With everything set up it was time for Martin to do a soundcheck and we were ready to roll.

This has to be one of my favourite shoots ever... a live singer, an amazing light show, playing with sparklers (we were responsible adults, honestly), plus my outfit, towering hair and fabulously festive makeup, all combined together to enter my Top 5 favourite list!

all about me 3When the shoot wrapped we tucked into a delicious buffet prepared by Billy. With the food doing the talking, it was probably the quietest we had been all night! #SilentNight! Martin also treated us to some Christmas songs leaving us all feeling very festive.

To see all the fun, madness, mischief and mayhem during our ‘Hold Up A Light’ shoot, check out our new fashion feature, Fashion Feast!

With the shoot completed it was time to pack, sit back and fly to Mauritius to enjoy its charms; and enjoy it we did!

And now I’m back in the cold and wet UK, putting up my Christmas decorations and starting my Christmas shopping (all from the comfort of my settee - don’t you just love online shopping?), and getting into the festive spirit.

So from everyone at #teamheaven, we’d like to wish you a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year. That’s a wrap!

Until next time...
Don’t be a manger stranger...

LoveEmma Heaven


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