August 2016

Life on Mars

In this monthly column, I’m going to write from a male’s perspective about the many and varied happenings in the world of fashion.

At no point will I tell you how to dress. I’ll just bring you the wonderful, colourful people who live and breathe fashion and style.

Josh Thompson I will be covering male grooming, hair and skincare, fragrance, fashion, tips on style, and people who I think dress exceptionally well.

On a personal note, I do like to get dressed up and look smart when I have an event or night out - but I also love nothing more than my comfy chilling out clothes!



Instagram Icons

This section will showcase a few people every month who have caught my eye for looking outstanding and fabulous. These may be celebrities, sports stars or everyday folk who have dressed and styled themselves impeccably.

Daniel Fox

Daniel Fox

Daniel is the first guy on this month’s list. He runs an online blog called ‘The Modern Man’ along with two guys I've featured in previous issues: Sandro and Kosta Williams. As a team they are killing it.

Daniel has a broad muscular frame, yet he still dresses stylishly. No mean feat for guys like him and their well-built physique.

His Instagram is a feast for the eyes and a masterclass in how to dress, from different fabrics to brands. In my view, it’s how to dress for everyday. Be warned though, his page will cause envy as much of his time is spent in Europe.



 Pinpoint the look:

  • Ripped and distressed jeans are a regular.
  • Makes a simple white tee look amazing.
  • Modern contemporary streetwear look.

instagram @magic_fox

Andre Hamann

Andre Hamann

Andre is the owner of a wonderful fashion brand called Haze & Glory. Its vision is ‘to bring you high end vintage inspired premium garments at an affordable price without exploiting people’. I think this is a refreshing change of pace for a company not to be just about making a profit, but one which gives a damn about its customers.

Their shops are aesthetically pleasing to the eye, with shelves made up of scaffolding, stage lighting and even a scooter to showcase their stock. It’s such a cool place. If you want to see for yourself, you will need to visit them in Berlin. But that’s no hardship; Berlin is a stunning city and I’d visit again at the drop of a hat. If it’s a big fat ‘nein’ to getting on a plane, the good news is that their online shopping has (free) worldwide shipping on orders over 100 Euros.

Andre dresses as you would hope and expect of someone behind such an uber cool brand. It’s a feast of oversized relaxed tees, leather jackets and denim. So yeah, it’s right up my street (or strasse) of style!

Pinpoint the look:

  • Rock star style.
  • Oversized tees.
  • Denim and leather jackets.
  • Tattoos and jewellery.

Instagram @andrehamann

Real Men Read

Real men read

Recently I have rediscovered my love for reading, which I think this has been brought on strangely by the leaps forward in social media. I found that I would spend and eventually waste hour after hour browsing social media. So I thought to myself that I would create a place in my column to share with you which book(s) I'm currently reading.

My thinking behind this was instead of wasting 30 to 60 minutes a day on Facebook and other social media, I could instead, spend that time reading about stuff I'm actually interested and have a passion for, learning new styles, tips and tricks.

This month’s read was a little bit of fun. I think we all remember the beautifully illustrated Ladybird books for kids from our childhood. There is now a range for adults, which are without exception, hilarious! Ladybird Books for Grown Ups.

They have put a contemporary adult theme and spin on the classic Ladybird book design, with eye catching titles such as ‘The Midlife Crisis’ and ‘The Hipster’. Top of this month’s reading pile is the Ladybird book of Dating. I have to say it was such a laugh reading a book that was supposed to be written for kids yet is based on adult topics. It cleverly combines original Ladybird artwork with modern day captions.

I can’t say it comes with any guarantee of getting results in the dating scene, but The Dating guide - and others in the series - will definitely tickle your funny bone.

Quirky as folk

Quirky as folkThis new section will be an occasional feature, reserved exclusively for interesting and fascinating people I meet when I’m out and about. Not a distant, unreachable celebrity or model, but a real life person, with a true passion for clothes, living or dressing differently; someone whom we’ll shine the spotlight on for being a stylish dapper dude! I recently interviewed my first character.

Dai O’Toole is a chap who has been a doorman for almost twenty years. So you can only begin to imagine what an interesting and colourful character he is who has pretty much seen it all.

When I asked him why he dresses in the style that he does, he replied, “I've always liked the olden days including World War Two and the post war era, the way men used to dress and do their hair.” Dai added “it doesn’t take much to make an effort to wear a clean shirt and some tidy shoes, that makes all the difference.”

Quirky as folk 1I love this attitude to style and a dress code. I've discussed at great length with Emma that guys have lost the art of dressing like a gentleman in current times but it’s clear to see that this guy has kept that feat going.

Dai’s parting words to me were,

“I love the way I dress as I find it gentlemanly. Not only that ,but walking around town and in Tesco in a bowler hat and pocket watch gives everyone something to look at and talk about.”

What a great attitude to have about a truly unique style.

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Look of the month

Look of the month

This part of the column is to sign off at the end of the month with a picture of one my favourite outfits I've worn recently.

  • Jacket - Levi’s Original circa 1980.
  • Tee - River Island long sleeve.
  • Jeans - Topman.

I hope you find these tips, characters and products I’ve shown you to be useful and you’ve enjoyed this month’s read.
See you next month for my latest transmission from Life On Mars.

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