April 2016

Life on Mars

In this monthly column, I’m going to write from a male’s perspective about the many and varied happenings in the world of fashion.

At no point will I tell you how to dress. I’ll just bring you the wonderful, colourful people who live and breathe fashion and style.

Josh Thompson I will be covering male grooming, hair and skincare, fragrance, fashion, tips on style, and people who I think dress exceptionally well.

On a personal note, I do like to get dressed up and look smart when I have an event or night out - but I also love nothing more than my comfy chilling out clothes!



Instagram Icons

This section will showcase a few people every month who have caught my eye for looking outstanding and fabulous. These may be celebrities, sports stars or everyday folk who have dressed and styled themselves impeccably.

Rowan Row

Rowan Row

Rowan is a lifestyle and fitness blogger who lives in London, and proclaims to love both fashion and fitness. His website and Instagram account are both filled with great ideas and style to dress the more athletic frame in all year round fashion.

His online style varies between chilled out comfortable gym wear, a great range of contemporary modern looks, to smart formal dress. Rowan wears them all to a very high standard and his Instagram is a gold mine of outfit ideas and product placement for anyone struggling with their current look. He is a great example of current style and the way people on the street look.

Pinpoint the look:

  • Modern up-to-date trends such as ripped jeans and trainers.
  • Matches/offsets colours and styles well. Brown on beige, leather on ripped denim and tartan on light wash denim.
  • Uses accessories, watches, necklaces bracelets and bags.

Instagram @Rowanrow

Milan Vukmirovic

Milan Vukmirovic

Milan is a creative director at Ports1961. His résumé is up there with the very best, working with some of the top names in fashion such as Tom Ford during his game-changing tenure at Gucci. He has also done shoots with Hugo Boss and is currently chief editor at Fashion for Men magazine.

Due to his busy life, it may come as no surprise that ‘ease’ springs to mind with this man’s fashion, but at no point is his style ever compromised or sacrificed. Milan often dresses in bold colours. Some of his best picks also tend to be the Union Jack colours of red white and blue.

Some of the biggest trademarks Milan has is firstly you will seldom see him without his Aviator sunglasses and secondly his clean cut shaven head.

Pinpoint the look:

  • Sport-like style
  • Military touches e.g. camouflage, and sherpa finished jacket
  • Low cut, V neck and open buttoned shirts.
  • Isn't afraid to kick it in trainers.

instagram @milanvukmirovic


Real Men Read

Real men read

Recently I have rediscovered my love for reading, which I think this has been brought on - strangely - by the leaps forward in social media. I found that I would spend - and eventually waste - hour after hour browsing social media. So I thought to myself that I would create a place in my column to share with you which book(s) I'm currently reading.

My thinking behind this was that instead of wasting 30 to 60 minutes a day Facebook and other social media, I could instead, spend that time reading about stuff I'm actually interested in and have a passion for, learning new styles, tips and tricks.

I've bought a number of books. First up in my reading pile is The Mr Porter’s Paperback: The Manual For A Stylish Life Volume Three . This book discusses a wide range of style icons and an insight of the stories from their lives. It also looks into the backgrounds of random people who have interesting lives, CEOs and even cars and motorbikes, plus the quintessential style and etiquette tips. I would highly recommend it as a good read.


Product Picks

This part of my column I'm going to share a product every month which I find particularly useful and use day-to-day. It may vary each month between gadgets, fragrance, skincare or hair care.

Product pickThis month I bought a soap on my travels to Barcelona, although the soap itself is made in Brooklyn, New York and is called Apotheke Charcoal Bar Soap. It is made out of the powder from bamboo charcoal.

Apotheke claims to ‘absorb impurities from pores and remove dead skin’ and I can wholeheartedly say it does exactly that. I've used it for a number of weeks now, and it makes my skin feel great and fresh.


  • coconut, palm, olive and rosemary oil
  • bamboo charcoal powder
  • cedar wood essential oils

Their motto is “simple - beautiful - hand made in Brooklyn”

Look of the month

Look of the month

This part of the column is to sign off at the end of the month with a picture of one my favourite outfits I’ve worn in the last few weeks.

  • Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Wayfarer.
  • Shirt: Czech Republic army surplus supplies.
  • Tee: Hard Rock cafe (Barcelona edition).
  • Jeans: Hera London Ripped and distressed.
  • Shoes: Adidas originals Kiels

I hope you find these tips, characters and products I've shown you to be useful and you’ve enjoyed this month’s read.

See you all next month with my next transmission from Life On Mars.

Josh x

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