April 2016

Stop Wishing...Start Doing…

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Delve into my world of fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle. Let me capture your imagination and help you unleash it in spectacular style. Be adventurous. Be fun. Be confident. Be healthy. Be happy. Be fabulous. Be the best you can be.


April Inspiration Board

This month’s board is inspired by detoxing your makeup bag. It’s not only time to detox your wardrobe, it’s also time to detox your makeup bag.

Believe it or not, makeup does have a use by date before it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria.

It’s frightening to learn that British women are holding onto makeup more than five years past the expiration date - running the risk of infection!

The maximum amount of time you should keep each product:

Liquid Foundation: six months
Concealer: eight months
Face Powder: two years
Blusher & Bronzer: two years
Eyeshadow: one year
Eyeliner: one year
Mascara: four months
Lipstick: 18 months

So ladies get detoxing those makeup bags now.

I am going to share with you some of my favourite online makeup shopping destinations, full of bargains and little treasures you are going to want to add to your own makeup collection.

These makeup emporiums house all the top makeup collections, including the greats; the latest up-and-coming collections; and all the new trends.

So sit back and buckle up....

Net A Porter

Net A Porter

Net-a-porter.com: Crammed full of luxury brands and state of the art makeup. I visit this website regularly, as they launch new products several times a week. They are the first to feature new products - sometimes weeks in advance of other retailers. I bought my Temptu Airbrush Makeup months ago and only now is it appearing on This Morning and in the fashion magazines! The descriptions are very detailed and accurate; and the instructions for use are always straightforward and easy to follow. The packaging is sumptuous and they even put together their own limited edition beauty and travel boxes bursting with the latest ‘must have’ products.
Cult Beauty

Cult Beauty

Cultbeauty.co.uk: Cult Beauty is the insider’s guide to the world’s best beauty products. From skincare to makeup, each of the beauty products is chosen by a world-class expert panel for its efficacy and stand-alone brilliance. You can find out which products are the latest ‘must-haves’ expert picks and bestsellers. It was whilst browsing this website that I was first introduced to BECCA Cosmetics: creators of exquisite high-performance makeup formulations, synonymous with effortless enhancement. My favourite “I can’t live without” product is their Shimmering Skin Perfector Poured. Quite simply - WOW!
Space Nk

Space Nk

Spacenk.com: The luxury ‘supermarket’ website that stocks everything from skincare, fragrance, makeup, haircare, sun products, and even has a ‘Wellness’ section where you can purchase detox cleansers, supplements and aromatherapy remedies. You can get lost for hours with this wondrous website and also spend a small fortune. So beware, and put a time limit on yourself! Some of my favourite brands include Rodial, Hourglass and Beauty Blender. More often than not they have great special offers on, so check back with them on a regular basis.
Feel Unique

Feel Unique

Feelunique.com: *The* destination for beauty! AND this website comes with a ‘Price Match Promise’ where they will match the online prices of their main competitors such as Debenhams, John Lewis and Boots. With hundreds of brands to choose from such as Clinique, Dior and Chanel; plus lots of special offers and free samples. They also have a ‘try me’ section where all participating products are delivered with a matching complimentary sample, allowing you to try it before opening the full size. If you decide it’s not for you, simply return the unopened full size product and receive your money back! It would be a crime not to give this fabulous website a visit.
Look Fantastic

Look Fantastic

Lookfantastic.com: A huge website with so many special offers on - you will not know where to start! Or stop! All the top brands are stocked here plus lots of up-and-coming new designers. They show you all the best sellers, along with which products are trending right now. Their Beauty Hub helps you to discover the best kept beauty secrets with ‘how to’ guides, exclusive interviews and much more. You can also subscribe to ‘The Beauty Box’ where each month you receive a box packed full of beauty products with a guaranteed value of over £50, for which you pay £15. The more often you subscribe, the cheaper the box becomes. The products are carefully selected by an expert team and are a delight to open.


Sephora.com: Sephora is a visionary beauty-retail concept founded in France, featuring an ever-increasing amount of classic and emerging brands across a broad range of product catergories including skincare, colour, fragrance, smilecare and haircare, and in addition to Sephora’s own private label. The site launched in America and is now one of the biggest online beauty stores in the world. With a phenomenal amount of products to choose from - not to mention their ‘how-to’ videos and blogs, the virtual ‘try-on’ section, community page and gallery, plus the free samples with every order - will leave you feeling quite dazed! With such a smorgasbord of sites to choose from, to suit all budgets, there’s even fewer reasons not to spring clean our makeup bags or add a bit of variety to our beauty routine!

Tara HammettHurricane Tara - A force of nature!

‘You are what you eat’

We have had some glorious sunny days recently, and I for one am hoping for many more to come.

When the sun is shining do you crave ice-cream?

If so, try my gorgeous recipe below, to satisfy your cravings without having a negative effect on your weight loss/healthy eating regime.

Hurricane Tara recipeChocolate ice cream
2 frozen bananas (sliced)
1.5 Tbsp100% cocoa
Splash of coconut milk
4 strawberries
*Serves 2


Blitz the frozen bananas, cocoa and a splash of milk with a hand blender or food processor, then serve immediately with some chopped strawberries.

Who said eating healthy had to be boring?

Eat amazing... because you ARE!

‘Feel the fear - but do it anyway’

Sometimes the TINIEST of commitments can have such a GINORMOUS impact on getting what you want... when you follow through with them.

I’m just gonna remind you what it is...


“The state of being bound emotionally or intellectually to some course of action”

Small commitments can be truly life changing.

It’s a conscious decision to take specific action to create a desired result.

They’re powerful, it’s like accountability projected into the future.

You decide that you will do whatever it takes to reach your goal, and the more accountable you are, the more likely you will meet your commitments.

We can all think of times when we have been really committed to something to reach a goal.

It creates an amazing feeling, feeling proud and happy.

Remember a time when you made good decisions with your food.
You lost some weight.
Started to like yourself more.
You felt proud and happy because you were committed to your goals.

But are you committed right now?

When you make a personal commitment to yourself, you make a PROMISE to yourself to take certain actions.

It could be doing a 12 minute workout.
Preparing clean food.
Spending time with loved ones.
Doing certain tasks in work.

Are you doing it?

Commitments are powerful, but there are times when all of us struggle to follow through.

(New Year’s resolutions are a prime example. How’s yours going by the way?)

Very often it’s because you kinda know what you want - BUT:

You don’t quite know what to do.
You’re not quite ready.
You don’t really have a plan of how to do it.
You haven’t thought about what costs you have to pay to consistently take action each week.
You don’t act on your commitment, but you act on your feelings.

Maybe your personal PROMISE isn’t enough and you need more support and motivation with a commitment to someone else.

You could do this now with me.

I’ll give you two options.

You can jump straight into my Inner Circle group.


You can have a one-to-one consultation with me.
All you've got to do is email me back!

Commit yourself to doing something for YOURSELF.

Don’t be the person that wishes it, but all you do is read this and wait for tomorrows to come.

Take action to get in touch NOW.

What have you got to lose?

Let me know @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., tell me your story.

‘Knowledge is power’

5 Top tips on why fat is needed in your diet

  1. A source of energy: Our body uses the fat we eat, and fats we make from other nutrients in our bodies, to provide the energy for most of our life-functions.
  2. Essential fatty acids: Dietary fats that are essential for growth development and cell functions, but cannot be made by our body’s processes.
  3. Proper functioning of nerves and brain: Fats are part of myelin - a fatty material which wraps around our nerve cells so that they can send electrical messages. Our brains contain large amounts of essential fats.
  4. Maintaining healthy skin and other tissues: All our body cells need to contain some fats as essential parts of cell membranes, controlling what goes in and out of our cells transporting fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K through the bloodstream to where they are needed.
  5. Forming steroid hormones: Needed to regulate many bodily processes, good sources of fat are avocados, nuts, salmon, whole eggs, chia seeds, coconut, mackerel. There are so many to choose from, keep to natural unprocessed sources.

Work towards the body of your dreams
Love Tara xx

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