December 2015

Welcome to ‘Issue 7’ December 2015 -  and what a bumper issue this is…

Highlights include my Star Wars shoot, interviews with magician Mark Bowden and Sports Injury Therapist Luisa Davies, who is responsible for this month’s exclusive ‘Reader Offer’.

Plus columns from, Jenna Kelly, Tara Hammett, Hilary Jones and the anonymous and very naughty ‘Auntie Social’.

Love it! Rock it! Own it!

When I get dressed I always think: "Where am I going and what fashion mood am I in?"

The answers to these questions determine which choices I make with my clothes, shoes and accessories - ultimately giving me an outfit I can feel confident and stylish in. 

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The Lush List

This month’s 10 tried, tested and trusted - places, beauty and lifestyle products that I’m loving at the moment...

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Stop Wishing...Start Doing…

Let the lifestyles of the fit and fabulous inspire you to achieve that life you’ve always wished for...

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It's All About Me

Some people wear clothes because they have to. They get up, put something on and off they go.

I love the way clothes make me feel - the confidence they give me - the way they can reflect or transform my mood.

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Destination #FH Avenue

Welcome to Destination #FH Avenue

This is the place for businesses to be, and to be seen. This month I am shining the spotlight on these fabulous businesses…

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